We Eat Mor Chikin

I drive by a very enthusiastic cow nearly every day I go to work. This cow spends its mornings outside the Chick-Fil-A dancing, waving and holding up a sign encouraging me to “Eat Mor Chikin.” Because I have an odd fondness for this cow – and maybe even a tiny hidden desire to wear that cow suit and Be-Bop on the street corner – I said to myself one day, “All right, Cow. I will. I will eat more Chikin.”

Caveman is a master griller and cooks the most tender, juicy chicken in the world (whereas I always manage to overcook and overmarinate mine). For this delicious dinner, Caveman was on the Chicken Steering Committee and I was on the No Less Important Side Dish Committee.

Quite simply, after our standard marinade of crushed garlic and olive oil, Caveman basted the chicken with wing sauce continually as it grilled. Then he garnished with Parsley and arranged it on a platter (all right – I did that part).


The No Less Important Side Dish committee had been working tirelessly on an exciting and delicious green bean recipe. The results follow – and absolutely did not disappoint!

6 slices bacon
Fresh Farmer’s Market white onion, chopped
Fresh Farmer’s Market green beans
1 cup homemade vegetable broth (easy to make – just boil tons of root veggies and spices for a few hours and taste.)

I cut the uncooked bacon into jagged chunks and cooked in a lightly greased pan with the onion.


Once the bacon and onions were cooked to the satisfaction of the NLISDC, I added the beans and vegetable broth, covered, and cooked at medium heat until most of the broth cooked off and the beans took on a caramelized look – about 30 minutes. The deliciousness was outburst-worthy!



2 Comments to “We Eat Mor Chikin”

  1. Is it okay if I continue to use frozen chopped onions? I’ll cry if I have to go back to chopping
    fresh ones!

  2. Will you come live with us and take over all the cooking?

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