Why do I Crossfit?

Why do I Crossfit?

Because I had no clue what I was truly capable of until I started Crossfitting.

There is more, but overall – it’s truly that simple. Husband introduced me to the concepts and Coach Rut solidified those concepts and brought the philosophy to light. Now I’ve started up with Crossfit Tribe and gained even more respect for this movement.

One of my first WODs at Tribe.

Behind the individual is the community.

The bonds you forge with others – friends, frenemies, training partners, mentors – are simply stronger and more honest when you’ve worked yourself to capacity side-by-side with them. The ultimate show of respect? When you respect the hard work of another enough to dial up your own intensity. Chit-chat and small talk are secondary to the question everyone silently asks of each other when they step into the box – How hard are you willing to work today?

Suddenly you give up your personal vanity and learn to appreciate the things that are truly valuable – commitment, dedication, and REAL fitness. Working every single system in your body – mental and physical – to make yourself better while appreciating the gains of others. That’s a true expression of gratitude for the gift that is your body and your soul. Further proof that a Crossfit gym is more than just a gym? Steve’s Club.

Today I tag-teamed a WOD of 100 Burpees, 75 Kettlebell swings, 50 Pull-Ups, and 25 Handstand Push-ups with a partner who was able to do more than I. Most of my assignment had to be scaled. But we did it, and she supported me despite the extra weight she had to pull. And I put out my maximum effort. I sucked, but I worked my butt off. Two years ago I would have not been able to do a single burpee without bitching. Hell, two years ago I equated being skinny with being fit! In years of pounding the pavement I NEVER felt a sense of accomplishment, teamwork or capability like I feel with Crossfit, and now I get to feel it every day.

These photos are courtesy Rosemary Mackintosh, an amazing Crossfit athlete and photographer.


8 Responses to “Why do I Crossfit?”

  1. I do burpees ALL the time!

  2. You r awesome! My friend does FitPit. She says it is similar to CrossFit. I should try it! Love U!!

  3. What are burpees?!? They sound like something I want to try.

  4. Ellen – it’s funny that you mention FitPit – not only do the coaches at FitPit mention my first Crossfit Coach, Coach Rutherford (linked in my post – he is one of the most well-respected professionals in the field AND based in KC) as a mentor, I believe one of the FP coaches has her Crossfit Level One certification. In browsing the FP blog, it seems their methodology is Crossfit-based.

    Amanda – Here’s a video of the Burpee. (Turn your volume down!)

    As a runner, you could definitely benefit from Crossfit training! A good friend improved her time at the Boston Marathon by eliminating some mileage and putting in serious Crossfit time.

  5. Oh goodness. I might have to check into Crossfit.

  6. Reading this touched me emotionally. I’ve been doing crossfit for about a month now and am constantly being over done by the others in class. I want to give up because I feel a bit like I’m not good enough and am not improving, but I love it so much I can’t quit! I keep going because of the hope that one day I will be able to do a pull-up non-assisted and push-jerks with more than the 45lb bar.


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