Why do I eat "Paleo?"

Why do I go “Paleo?”

Because I had no clue how good I was capable of feeling – mentally and physically – until I started eating with Paleo/Primal ideals in mind.

I’m imperfect in my applications of the principles at times (cheesesteak, anyone?) but it’s important enough to me to learn the behaviors that will create success because of what I now know.

Local eggs, bacon and veggies. So delicious.

There are thousands of physiological, evolutionary, and nutritional reasons to eat unprocessed, non-chemicalized, non-packaged real food. (Many references available in my Smarter People page.) “Cholesterol-reducing” Cheerios and “Fiber-Added” Froot Loops and whatever enhanced, prepackaged, overprocessed, loosely grain-based load of garbage you see in the bread aisle are required by law to be “enriched” with non-native nutrients – creating a poor, synthetic substitute for what’s already available in delicious, local, unfettered food that goes straight from the source to your mouth. That’s not an opinion. That’s fact. It’s “hard” because we’re not used to it. But it’s possible. Again, I’m imperfect in my application of the principles, but it’s important enough to me to TRY because of what I now know.
And another note – if your consumption of dietary fat is too low, your capacity for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins (ADE&K) is handicapped. Your body needs dietary fat. Don’t fear it.

Everyone loves Kebabs. What if I told you you could have UNLIMITED Kebabs on the Paleo Plan?

Eating Primally, for me, is an expression of gratitude for the provisions available to me in this beautiful world. There is nothing more worthy of appreciation than the free-range, humanely raised, antibiotic-free animal that’s below me on the food chain. There’s nothing more beautiful than a strawberry or home-grown peppers. And there’s nothing better than the mental acuity and physical abilities that come with that studied, executed appreciation.


See my Smarter People page.


One Comment to “Why do I eat "Paleo?"”

  1. Hi, you can pay me in kebabs any old time. šŸ˜‰



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