Bison Chili

Yup, I said BISON!

Bison is unbelievably delicious. As much as I enjoy ground beef, bison has a tender sweetness that just can’t be topped.

Bison Chili as it simmers.

While I’m not 100% clear as to general across-the-board practices for raising bison, the National Bison Association has a nice FAQ and I’ve gathered that regulations vary by state and by the labels that producers desire to have listed on their packaging. Nutrition labels for different cuts, if you’re curious, can be found here. I’m currently in the market for a fully grass-fed and finished source for a whole bison (excited about the fact that THIS grower is located close to my hometown –  KC family, take note!) as the bison I’ve been using requires either shipping or an hour of driving to obtain, though it’s of incredible quality.

Many standard producers seem to do something pretty sneaky: Meat may be labeled “grass-fed” even when it’s been grain-finished (fattened for slaughter) or only grass-fed or pastured for a portion of the year. I’ve seen supposedly “grass-fed” meat that is “grain-finished” yet still uses the “grass-fed” label. USDA governs the “grass-fed” label and the guidelines are fairly stringent, yet there are still a few holes. (Yet another reason to buy local – these questions are much easier to ask.)

Back to the Chili – this is ridiculously delicious. I “cut” this recipe with equal portions of GF ground beef from Cherry Grove Farms the last time to maximize the leftovers, but the taste just wasn’t the same. Yet another recipe adapted from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Buy it so I don’t get sued for giving away their recipes. Maybe I will even buy it FOR you. Here’s an intentionally vague overview – Message me if you want to borrow the cookbook.

1-2 lbs. ground bison
Garlic cloves
Pacific Naturals Veggie Broth
Diced tomatoes with liquid
Chili powder, Oregano, Paprika
Several secret ingredients – again, message me to borrow the cookbook!

Cook the bacon first. Add onion to the bacon/rendered bacon fat and cook. Add garlic. Add meat. Add broth. Add veggies and spices. Cook longer. Add secret ingredients.

Make this for a party. You will leave extremely popular.

Sorry, my five readers – this recipe is incredibly delicious but I realize I can’t just post recipes that aren’t Cave Girl Originals all the time, especially those with creative “secret” ingredients. It’s like giving away national secrets, and for these purposes you are Russia. Or, China. Or Canada (those pesky Maple Leafs).

Leftovers aaalll week long. Or until CaveHusband realizes there are leftovers.


7 Responses to “Bison Chili”

  1. Uh, I need to borrow this cookbook.

  2. Sounds wonderful, I want to make this chili! Secret ingredients please!! Thanks – trying to convince my hubby that paleo/primal IS good 🙂


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