Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 3

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My goals for this week were to balance my own Paleo Principles with the delicious restaurants our area has to offfer. Sister-In-Law traveled halfway across the US to celebrate her big 3-0 with us and we wanted to show her a great time while still making DECENT decisions. My definition of “decent?” Usually it’s more ambitious – Wednesday, it was all about staying Gluten-free. While the ideal is to eschew sugar and processed foods, the rare treat MUST be gluten-free. Now, I’m not your mother and I’m not your Google search bar. So do some research on your own as to why gluten (an ingredient in most “whole-grain” items) sucks, and what Gut Irritation or Leaky Gut is. To give you a primer – these things are associated with such things as MS, IBS, Allergies…you name it. Whole 9’s Grain Manifesto – specifically their side-by-side comparison of WG bread to Broccoli – is a great place to start.

Okey doke – so we had a delightful morning and ended up hitting my three favorite Philly food spots and lots of historical sites after sleeping in a bit.

Aaand by "historical sites" I do mean "The Rocky Steps."

Brunch: Had a superb, extra large Chorizo, salsa, and avocado omelette with side of bacon (didn’t survive to picture time) from Honey’s Sit N’ Eat in Northern Liberties. Honey’s is a delicious diner that uses local meats, veggies, and eggs. SIL exclaimed over the sausage and was equally happy with my home-cooked bacon during her visit, and I can only assume the difference is in the locally-raised flavor.

God Bless the iphone.

Yes, food service engineers (read: wait staff) look at me funny when I tell them I don’t want the toast, muffin, and home fries that come with the meal. But they get over it. If I still have to pay the full price – oh well. I’d rather pay an extra buck to stay healthy than pay to look at that crap sitting like a greasy cardboard hooker next to my pure, unfettered, beautiful omelette.

Birthday Treat: A delicious cupcake from the lovely purveyor of Gluten-Free treats on South Street, Sweet Freedom Bakery. There’s no reason NOT to enjoy a sweet treat on special occasions – like a 30th birthday celebration – but keeping these treats gluten-free is vital. “Celiac” is a popular word right now, and I can only imagine it’s because we’re becoming wise to the fact that almost nobody handles gluten like a goat handles its tin cans. Just don’t eat gluten. Just don’t. OK?

Vanilla with pink lemonade icing.

I must point out that man CANNOT live on gluten-free treats alone. This is a great option, but YOU MISS THE MARK ON HEALTH AND WELLNESS IF YOU’RE LIVING ON REPLACEMENT GOODS. Living healthfully means a paradigm shift, not switching from a box of food to a box of food that says “gluten-free.” Keep in mind that even G-free treats contain rice (grain) and legume (chickpea flour) products that contain phytates and antinutrients. Gluten is simply the greater of these evils.

Dinner: Stopped for some social time and a helping of the best wings I’ve ever had at North 3rd. These don’t need to be dipped in dressing or swallowed with a hunk of celery. The chicken is fall-off-the-bone good and the dose of hot sauce is perfect.

Wings from N. 3rd. Amazing.

So there you have it. Not the most perfect Paleo day, but a great example of how to navigate the possibilities. I woke up this (Thursday) morning feeling great, so I know that any exposure to gluten or digestive irritants was minimal.

Sleep quality was decent, but quantity and scheduling suboptimal. 10 PM to 5:30 AM.

Exercise: Took a rest day!


6 Comments to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 3”

  1. Heya Liz,

    Honey’s and N 3rd are two of my favorite places in Philly as well. N 3rd has my all-time favorite wings.

    • I can’t say I miss their burgers when they have wings like that! I’m glad to know that my neophyte Philly taste is in line with your more veteran palate.

      • Hah! We spend a lot of time in neighborhoods with ample parking. I’m not into parking garages or $2/hr parking meters. So Northern Liberties gets a decent amount of our love. So many good cheap options around there.

        Have you been to Tria yet? (Center city)

  2. I love Sweet Freedom! Been there a few times. PS what farm do you buy your eggs from?

    • Hi Heather! We stocked up on about 6 dozen eggs on the last visit to Cherry Grove Farm. My Crossfit affiliate bulk-buys them as well and stocks them for us to buy. The woman at CGF told me they’d last months since they are so fresh and supermarket eggs travel much farther from “farm” to table. Trader Joe’s has O-3 enriched eggs that I like as well. What farmer’s markets have you been going to?

      • Hey 🙂 I love the farmer’s market in Collingswood, it’s got lots of great farmers. I also like the one in Medford Lakes, it’s so pretty there too. We go every Saturday to a market and stock up.

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