Mouth Money: 30 Days – Day 4

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today was a rush-around kind of day in Paleo land, but I did manage to start the day with a few extremely satisfying favorites:

Breakfast: First, a cup (yes, cup) of instant espresso. Sounds strange, but Megdalia D’Oro makes a very yummy instant blend that’s delicious with a big swirl of coconut milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Call it a modified cappuccino.

A relaxing start to the morning (until the caffeine hits!)

Next, a delicious breakfast of Patty Pan squash from Terhune Orchards (what’s more delightful to look at or say than Patty Pan?) stuffed with sausage & Terhune Orchards cauliflower. Terhune Orchards is an amazing year-round family farm. Take a look at what cauliflower looks like when it’s organic AND home-grown:

Home-grown cauliflower...petite, ugly, and DELICIOUS!

I cooked the sausage on the stovetop and steamed the Patty Pan and cauliflower in 1″ of water until soft-ish. I mixed the sausage and cauliflower, hollowed the squash out, and added the sausage-cauliflower mix. This would also be delicious topped with a fried egg. Add some Jersey tomatoes and Jersey blueberries and you’ve got yourself a delicious, nutritious, colorful breakfast.

Oh my goodness.

Lunch: There wasn’t much I could do to top that breakfast, so I went for a huge whack of Chicken Salad and a large helping of assorted zucchini squash and cucumber from Terhune.

These plus a few other zukes & cukes rounded out a great lunch.

Dinner: Work ran a little late so I sucked down a Large Paleokit on the way home so I’d have a bit of time to digest before today’s workout. Food today may seem a little light, but some days it takes less to satisfy.

Today’s Workout: Warmed up with double unders, then a PR on the POWER CLEAN! Up 5 lbs. from 130 to 135. That felt awesome. Took about 20 minutes to find the max. (In case you couldn’t tell – that’s not me in the videos.) Then a met-con of 2 rounds of: 40 double-unders, 30 box jumps, and 20 kettlebell swings. I was convinced in the first round that I had a bad jump rope – turns out it was just ME (imagine that). Finished in 8:53. I blame the Jump Rope controversy. Total time spent actively exercising: 30 minutes.

Not the best finish. Wrote it down and will do better next time.

Sleep: Ideal. No lights after the sun went down and a slow and deliberate winding down into bedtime. Got about 9 hours and woke up with the sun (and maybe with the dog whining). An awesome way to start the day.


3 Comments to “Mouth Money: 30 Days – Day 4”

  1. YUM on the squash and the chicken salad, two I gotta try. Also, your mug – Anthropologie? Angel and I have them. A & M. We are just too frickin cute for words. Haha.

    • MW, I think they are from Anthropologie! We also just received a wonderful gift of two “W” mugs…one similar manly mug and one just like that. It’s tough being so adorbs! How well we all handle it, yes?

  2. Another winner. Someday I will learn to cook too.

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