Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 5

Friday, July 16, 2010

Today was awesome! Crossfit Tribe competed in the Crossfit Games Affiliate Cup in California and will advance to compete with the top 48 teams on day 2! Way to go Tribe! The grueling team workouts included: first, 70 thrusters, 50 pull-ups, and a buddy carry across the Home Depot Center field; second, deadlifts, pistols, rowing; and third, 1RM overhead.The Games are streaming LIVE. If you ever wondered what a Crossfit competition was all about, you should definitely check it out. The Masters competition features over-50 athletes who could blow even my best performances out of the water.

Husband’s friends Lindsey (who I was fortunate to get to know recently – she rocks) and Web are competing this weekend – Lindsey in the individual and Web in the team events. They are an awesome, driven, extraordinarily busy couple with a smart, beautiful 2-year-old. They manage to stay competition-fit and maintain a “Paleo” diet. The take-home: It’s possible.

Lindsey - an amazing athlete, competitor, mom, name it.

On to the home front – since we’re closing in on the end of the week, we’re not bothering to cook too much – just clearing the fridge of delicious leftovers and using up our farm market purchases from the last few weeks.

Husband at the farm store. What a sport.

Breakfast: Steamed up a head of broccoli and lots of squash, topped with an avocado, and added some bacon for good measure (bacon is ALWAYS a good idea.) While the veggies and bacon alone may not have been filling enough, topping the whole deal with an avocado ensures I won’t be hungry for awhile.

Mmmm, the biologically appropriate amount of fiber.

Those veggies were friggin delicious.

Lunch: After an exhausting WOD followed by watching part of the Games at Tribe, I came home with a craving for leftover Sausage Stew. I added some leftover stewed onion in beef broth to the mix and heated it all up on the stovetop with a big handful of spinach, which wilted perfectly into the mix. Add some fresh Jersey tomatoes with salt & pepper and I’m a happy gal.

Dinner: Leftover Bison Chili. Got word from Meghan over at Iron and Spice that we may be looking at a local source for Bison meat this year – I’m very happy about this as more research into Wegman’s Bison source has yielded some not-so-hot feedlot information.

Sorry for the lack of pictures – I was pretty wrecked from the WOD today and glued to the Games’ live feed.

Today’s Workout: I think my brain is finally catching up to the things I want my body to do. While I believe I’m physically capable of doing more, there are certain things I used to do so rarely that at times my brain says “no” when my body says “YES!” I have a suspicion that today’s 175 lb. PR on the deadlift is just a quick stop on the way up to 250 (ha!). It’s all about persistence and trusting the process. Rounded out the DLs with 10 minute AMRAP of 15 wall balls and 5 sumo-style deadlifts.

That's me with the arse. Crossfit Games streaming in the background.

Sleep: Went to a movie tonight – I won’t ruin it for you with one of my cynical reviews just yet – and in bed a little late. No bright lights once we got home from date night so we could wind down more effectively. Mild sleep disturbance when our sketchy neighbors decided to have some yard time at 3AM, otherwise a solid 8 hours. Neighbors, if you’re reading – stop being creepy.


One Comment to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 5”

  1. I’m happy to be the primary beneficiary of this blog… Everything is incredibly tasty.

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