Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 7

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfast: A lazy Sunday in the Wolfe/Wartman household. That amazing dinner from last night left me full until late this morning, so I had a lovely late breakfast of Jersey berries and a nice Jersey peach in a mini cantaloupe.

A little carby - but I used it all for the "Tribe-ute" workout.

Today’s Workout: Next on the agenda was the third workout in honor of Crossfit Tribe’s awesome showing at the 2010 Crossfit games in Cali. Husband screamed at me through the whole thing (that’s how we encourage each other) and ran the timer for me. We dragged our dumbbells, jumprope, and bad attitudes to the park and made it work…right after a quick trip back home for an ill-timed bathroom break.

Two rounds for time of:
Run 300 meters
15 box jumps
15 dumbbell squat cleans
30 double-unders
15 push-ups
15 GHD sit-ups
30 yard lunge

A few pictures of the painful Tribe-ute WOD.

Box jumps at the park. Proof you can do Crossfit ANYWHERE.

The bottom of the DB squat clean - they had to touch the ground.

Charging through the double-unders.

This apparatus brought me the closest I'd ever been to a GHD situp. And puking.

Lunch: The heat was so stifling during the WOD that I just wasn’t hungry right away. We grabbed some Paleo Brands grass-fed beef jerky and headed down to the Reading Terminal Market in Philly to sniff out some Oxtail for a recipe I’m trying this week. Lo and behold – after weeks of searching New Jersey butchers – I found my oxtail at RTM!

Stay tuned for the oxtail recipe in the coming week...

Dinner was a bowl of my staple – sausage stew – which I made once again over the weekend to eat this week. Husband and I started noshing on a serving of Phish Food – a carry-over from his “Sundae Sunday” deployment ritual – before looking at each other, dismayed at realizing it just didn’t taste all that good. A tall glass of water washed away that sugary feeling and we’re back on track. Lesson: At times it’s important to keep yourself fed, even when you don’t feel hungry. I believe if I’d had a decent lunch, I would not have even had a desire to indulge in a snack-like food. Paleo devotees, stay ever-vigilant!

And finally, some inspiration from the greeting card aisle:

Inspiration is cheesy by nature. This inspiration is of the highest quality grass-fed variety.


5 Comments to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 7”

  1. So did you love Reading Terminal Market? I still have not been there either but plan on going soon!

    • I did love it! We made a beeline for Giunta’s. The rump roast they sold us turned out DELICIOUS, and they had other goodies like chorizo (also yummy) and even oxtail, which I’ve been looking for everywhere. It’s nice since it’s a little closer than the other places I’ve been going.

  2. PS you look so hard core during your workout! Way to be.

    • Haha, thanks Heather! It’s so, so much fun and such an awesome challenge. They are doing Crossfit Kids now too! Just some fun, functional movements and the kids love it!

  3. Love the pictures. Oxtail??

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