Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 8

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sorry for the late posting – In lieu of my normal AM blogging routine, I gave the pooch the thrill of a lifetime by adding an extra nice, long walk to his daily regimen. I always listen to the incredibly informative, totally FREE Paleolithic Solution podcasts while I pound the pavement.

I apologize to my 2 new readers. (Hi Maya! Hi chick from Sunbutter!) Now, on to Monday.

Breakfast: Husband fixed me some deliciously simple scrambled eggs with a dash of pepper and a little meat thrown in. Monday is a tough day. No matter how quality the sleep (8 hours, up with the sun) it’s always hard to get out of bed. Luckily the marriage license stipulates Monday morning bacon n’ eggs made by whichever spouse is less likely to win arguments. (Winky emoticon.)

Lunch: What with Monday being so very hard (malaise = laziness=need pre-prepped Paleo nourishment), I had my little Paleo treats – a Medium PaleoKit (grass-fed, additive-free jerky) and a bowl of berries topped with a sprinkle of Paleo Krunch (basically nuts with a dash honey) with coconut milk. This lunch made me very happy.

Nuts are my favorite garnish - Enter Paleo Krunch.

Dinner: Husband took charge of dinner prep today and made some truly amazing salmon. We chose wild-caught salmon, this time from Arnie’s, a butcher near our home. Just add a squeeze of lemon juice & a drizzle of oil a few minutes before grilling along with a pinch of dill. We added a few olives to the mix as well.

For sides, we just cut up a few yellow zucchinis and enjoyed them raw along with several slices of Jersey tomato.

As if that wasn’t enough…Enter the masterpiece. The parsnips.

I’d been in a staring contest with a parsnip in my fridge for about 2 months. The moment I tossed it, Crossfit Aspire put up yet another awesome recipe involving my pale little nemesis and my resolve heightened. I would find a way to use a parsnip.

I lost many a staring contest with this guy.

The interwebs seemed to agree that roasting is a great way to cook a parsnip, so we did the interwebs one better: we roasted, then pureed to make Sweet Parsnip Mash. See the recipe here.

The entire dinner was really delicious! Kudos to Husband for the awesome salmon.

Sweet Parsnip Mash, salmon & olives, zucchini and tomato.

Today’s Workout: 6:30 PM. Worked on the back squat 5 x 5 with the help of the very awesome trainer Alyson. Did a 2-round met-con with kettlebells, KTEs and back squats at 50% of my 5 x 5 weight and clocked-in just under 7 minutes. Definitely hits you hard mentally – which is the amazing part of challenging your body with tough movements and making demands of yourself to try and improve upon them every time. My challenge is to get LOW on those squats and power back up immediately, as well as improving my ability to stay upright and combat that “lean.” I feel strong on the KBs.

Sleep: Events of the day transpired such that dinner didn’t happen until after my evening workout, so I hit the sheets at about 9:30 PM to get up at 5:30 AM. Great energy, but I would’ve liked to get an hour or two more.


One Comment to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 8”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I made your banana bread recipe the other day.

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