Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 18

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday is always a good day. Must be the memories of college days when Thursday was the end of the week – regardless of the classes, tests, or obligations still to come on Friday.

Quick rant: I’ve heard a lot of chatter about veganism recently. My response? Humans are omnivores, and gain very little health benefit from shunning or protesting MEAT AS FOOD. Unbiased (read: Non-PETA) research confirms this. Any source of protein besides animal meat (yes, that includes soy) yields sub-obtimal nutrition that does not jive with our systems in the way animal meat does. What people should protest is MEAT FACTORIES – feedlots, hormone or antibiotic supplementation, and general assembly-line animal production. Focus on finding local farmers that love their animals, their farm, and their lives and raise their animals with care; and when it’s time, slaughter them with a grateful heart for what their animals are providing. I believe I’ve found this with Cherry Grove Farm, so much so that we drive an hour each way to their farm store once a month to stock up. (Did I say drive? I meant bike…*coughcarbonfootprint*)

Breakfast: Poached eggs and sausage (all from Cherry Grove Farm) over broiler-roasted peppers. Broiling is a quick way to soften and blacken peppers for that delicious roasted flavor. A great trick when poaching eggs at home is to pour the cracked eggs into mason jar rings.

Just before eat time.

Bring the water to an almost-boil, add eggs, then turn off the heat, cover, and leave eggs for about 5 minutes. 5 minutes under the broiler should also be perfect for the peppers. Apparently you’re not “supposed” to broil/roast green peppers due to their bitter flavor – I like them just fine.

This beautiful breakfast took about 15 minutes to prepare.

Lunch: Another helping of bison steak & veggies – this time I cooked the veggies in Ghee! Absolutely delicious.

I love the texture and taste of zucchini squash.

Dinner: I was in a hurry today so just grabbed the last of the fish patties from Tuesday along with some veggies drizzled in EVOO and a delicious Jersey peach.

Today’s Workout: This was both an emotional and a physical tear-down. I am rarely violently forced out of my comfort zone – I prefer to do what I already know I can do and go home exhausted but proud. This workout, however, broke me down completely – and then built up my resolve, my determination, and all-in-all left me better than it found me. I needed this workout to push me over the edge, from doing what I “know” I can do towards doing what I WANT to be able to accomplish.

I was hurting. My wrists were checking out. I couldn’t hold the bar up at the Rxd weight for more than a few overhead squats, and was tasked with performing 3 sets of 21-15-9 reps coupled with pull-ups. A few times I got the bar up only to drop it again. I was the last to finish by a good 7 minutes, so all the focus and expectations of my Crossfit people were on me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to punch my husband in the face for cheering me on. I wanted to disappear.

Then I finished. And I realized that I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a supportive crew – from my wonderful husband who LOVES a strong, determined woman to the amazing Crossfitters I am privileged to call training buddies. I needed this push.

"Looks like you got some pain behind those eyes." -Kunu


*To re-iterate the purpose of this 30-day documentation, my mission is to display the “how,” since I so often talk about the “why.” It’s my hope that Paleo newbies and devotees alike will glean some ideas for their individual journeys.


6 Comments to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 18”

  1. You are seriously awesome! I admire you Liz…keep it up…

  2. Ack, that website you gave me!
    “I didn’t realize veggies had so much protein!” Then a list that says 1 CUP of celery= 1 GRAM of protein. Dear God. That’ll get expensive.

  3. Have you ever gone to the Collingswood farmer’s market? It has a big selection, and there is a farm there that sells eggs & grass fed meat. Also thanks for the tip on broiling red peppers, I did it and it was quick, easy and delicious!

    • We are planning on going this weekend! I don’t know how we have gone so long without checking it out. Will we see you there?

      • Possibly! We’ve gone to that one the most. Hugh is leaving on Tuesday for his next dreaded deployment, so I may go up to north Jersey to my parents house on Friday for the weekend. It depends on how hard my week goes with 2 kids by myself 🙂 I would prefer to stay down here so I could go to the market to get my weeks’ worth of food then go up to north Jerz after that on Sat.

      • Eek. The dreaded deployment. I am getting to know it better, unfortunately. You are such a great mom. Let me know if you ever need to give me a farm market list and I’ll pick up your groceries for you and deliver them!

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