Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 24

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family is coming in town. It occurred to me yesterday that in the busiest times it’s most important to stick with your healthful Neanderthal-Paleo-Primal path. Deviating could only make a stressful or tired moment worse! Health habits have to be perpetually “in the plan.” Failure to plan = planning to fail, yes? (See? See how I did that?)

What's the difference between Man and Apes? High-Fructose Corn Syrup and photos that haunt you forever.

Now, when I say “the busiest times” I’m referring to times of urgency – times when there’s more to get done than there are opportunities to do it. There’s something about having 3 hours to finish about 12 hours worth of yardwork, pick up dry cleaning, submit a report for the parallel payroll test, and do 4 loads of laundry with a broken dryer before your in-laws arrive that screams “EAT CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS!” Props to people with kids who do all this and still manage to feed themselves and their little people right.

I’m also referring to the many times we’ll be eating out in the days to come. The in-laws are connoisseurs of good food and love sampling the local fare. All the more reason to be vigilant and prepared. In this post titled “Making It Happen,” busy Paleo mom Sarah Fragoso says it well – “We can choose to, or choose not to; it’s really as simple as that… making choices that sometimes seem more difficult  at that moment, actually make everything else in life much more enjoyable and manageable.”

Stress is only stress if I choose to conceptualize it that way, and eating well is only difficult if I lose sight of the joy I take in making that choice. Sometimes we have to step outside our situation and take an objective look at our self-imposed “predicament.” Doing this, even for a moment, usually makes me realize things are not quite what I’m assessing them to be.

This guy knows what I'm talkin' about!

So the yard is done, the laundry is put away, the house is ready for the in-laws and I’m ready for the awesome days ahead.

Breakfast: My new obsession – the Who-Hash I adapted from Mark’s Daily Apple with a fried egg on top. This breaks down to root veggies (parsnip, carrot, beet, turnip), shredded pork, and a yummy farm-fresh egg.

Most things are better with an egg on top.

I truly can’t account for the fact that we’ve been eating so much pork lately – we never used to eat it. Cherry Grove Farm just sells some truly delicious stuff. I am going to work on using beef a little more.

Lunch: Speaking of beef, I have some serious beef with the price/content of “salads” at restaurants. My gigantic lunch salad involved a huge handful of leaves from a $2 carton of organic spinach (didn’t even make a dent), a whack of veggies that probably cost me $1 at the farm stand, and a chicken breast that cost $3. So in total my delicious salad cost about 4 bucks and was much bigger than any fast-food or restaurant salad I’ve ever had. So how can a comparatively little helping of iceberg lettuce topped with some pathetic canned fruit and drizzled with HFCS dressing that literally MAKES YOU LESS HEALTHY cost upwards of six bucks?  Restaurant salads…I step on you. I make a citizen’s arrest of any accolades you get for having “healthy” options. I revoke your bill of Fresco.

…Okay! So lunch was spinach & veggie salad with chicken and a drizzle of EVOO and lemon juice.

Here's hoping you skipped that one paragraph.

Dinner: Dinner was more hash, this time smooshed up WITH the parsnip mash. This hash may be my new (perpetually available) sausage stew. Make it. It’s ridiculously good.

Sleep: I realize I’ve fallen off the “sleep update” wagon. Probably because it bores me as much as it does you. I went to bed late Tuesday night but still woke up early Wednesday – although it was difficult to shake the Tired off of me, after a quick shower the groggy went away and I felt just as good as when I get my perfect 8PM – 5AM sleepytime. This must be an added benefit of keeping the sleep consistent AMAP, but I wouldn’t push it. A few days of sleep deprivation can wreak serious havoc.


2 Comments to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 24”

  1. Dear Auntie Liz,
    Thanks for putting me in your blog… this will aide in my pending celebrity status. Mom’s telling me I will soon have to pull my weight and start paying rent. Grunt grunt, snort snort.

    Love you!
    Emmy the Pug

    PS – Your food looks tasty! Wish mom would let me eat her Paleo food too! Darn Pedigree, it’s a tad dull and leaves alot to the imagination.

  2. I’m full, yet after looking at your photos, my stomach is growling for more food.

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