Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 25

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I’m proud of Thursday’s 30 Days accomplishments. Each meal was conceptualized in about 5 minutes and assembled/cooked within about 10-15. I’m learning to be maximally creative and time-efficient, which rocks my socks (or my Vibram Five Fingers) off.

Breakfast: Half an avocado, sweet potato with cinnamon, and bacon. I choose the smallest sweet potatoes I can find because they’re the right serving size. I love how portable sweet potatoes and avocados are – you can toss them in your bag/briefcase/stolen shopping cart full of tin cans and be fully prepped for a fast, yummy meal. To prep the SP simply poke a few holes through ‘er and microwave for a few minutes, turn over and repeat until soft all the way through.


Lunch: A big helping of Albacore tuna over spinach with zucchini, the rest of the avocado, and a Jersey peach.

You've heard of the Blue Plate Special? This is the Green Plate Special. A happy helping of phytonutrients.

Dinner: This one I’m extremely proud of. In a time-crunch I’m finding broiled peppers to be absolutely delicious. I put a green pepper under the broiler for about 6 minutes until the skin blackened – once it’s black you can peel it off or leave it on if you like the charred flavor. I cooked 1/2 lb. ground beef while the peppers broiled, added some fresh garden tomato and a spoonful of the Parsnip Mash to make it all stick together. A big scoop between the green pepper halves was like a happy sandwich.

I added a serving of sauerkraut procured at the farm market…in short, for the probiotics (creepy quasi-dessert sugar-packed yogurt isn’t the only place you can get ’em!) and also, so I could use the word “quasi” in this blog today. Here’s a great summary of the upside of raw sauerkraut. Food fermentation is a practice that dates back thousands of years, long before the ADA decided to screw us whole-grain drones over with bad dietary recommendations and a few years before Pop-Tarts came with “Added Fiber!”

May I remind everyone quickly that Mother Nature and our bodies are equipped to treat themselves, sans chemicals, when the right choices in nourishment are made. To say nothing of Divine Intervention, we are not victims of plagues, diabetes, E. Coli, Salmonella – we are simply ignorant, 99% of the time, of the lifestyle elements that promote their spread and foster their growth in our populus. Proof? Researchers at my beloved University of Kansas found garlic, sage, cinnamon, cloves, and oregano kill E. coli. Additional research found oregano to be more effective against Giardia then prescribed drugs. Type-2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which used to be referred to as “Adult-onset diabetes” but we’ve stuffed our children so full of Fiber Added Pop-Tarts that they now suffer from it. Even autoimmune disease has its feet planted in gut irritation caused by grains and legumes. Choices, people. I’m certainly not perfect in this regard, but you won’t hear me bitching about feeling lethargic, fat and sick when I understand it’s probably the result of suboptimal nutrition.

Do you like how I made you read that before you could get to the pretty photo?

Yum...good bacteria.

We also have company the next few days, so I fixed some Paleo-approved snacks for social hour. Canteloupe, pecans & almonds, jicama slices with delicious Green Mountain Gringo salsa, and beautiful garden tomatoes.

The cactus was not on the menu.

Today’s Workout: Another met-con doozy involving KB swings, thrusters (the devil) and pull-ups in a Row sandwich. Barely avoided tearing the palms this time. I would like to start leaning more toward strength than met-con, but we’ll see how that shakes out.

It takes a real photographer to capture this beauty.


2 Comments to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 25”

  1. Now I know who’s been snatching all the tiny sweet potatoes from the bins. The small ones are just so perfect.

    I don’t turn them while cooking. I do cut a seam around the long side and wrap them in a paper towel before nuking for about 5 minutes. The seam makes for easier skin removal.

    • That’s me John! They really are the perfect size. I may or may not be the one snatching the tiny apples as well.

      That’s a great SP technique…I’m going to try that ASAP.

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