Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 30 (!)

So, I lied a little bit…

I’ve been saying this:

As I bring Mouth Money V.1 to a close, I’ve been asked “what’s next?” Nothing changes for me – I’ll continue to eat “clean” as I have been – but with the self-satisfaction of having “walked the walk” publicly. I will relieve myself – and my three readers – of the dutiful daily FACEBOOK/TWITTER updates (unless the day’s meals truly stand out) while continuing to gauge my own progress and seek knowledge about nutrition and healthful living, as well as how I can improve upon my current choices.

Well, I have decided to continue with a 30-Days style blog – possibly with a few changes (stay tuned!) – for several reasons.

First, It’s great accountability and has prompted me to do something I truly enjoy – writing.
Second, it seems to be of interest to people I care about.
Third, as previously mentioned, I’m involved in a 30-day body composition challenge which requires a lil’ food logging. I aim to prove that consistent unweighed, unmeasured “Paleo” is an excellent  way to reach body composition goals.

I understand it’s a bit vain to post daily meal posts to facebook, so I encourage you to subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the box to the right. You’ll be updated when I add a new post. Do it now! Just to see how it feels. You can always unsubscribe later.

Now, the final day of Mouth Money V.1!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breakfast: Quiche with Hazelnut crust, sweet potato, and a ramekin of Paleo Krunch.

Sweet potato. I love you AND I'm IN love with you.

I used to skip breakfast; now it’s my favorite meal of the day. Eating a big breakfast seems to curb all snacking urges for me during the day.

Lunch: A big bowl of meat & veggie chili. I used several pounds of veggies and of grass-fed beef to make this pot o’ chili and I can practically hear the pastured cows singing happily as I take each bite.

Happy Cow = Happy Chili

Chili is SO EASY TO MAKE. For a simple version, just saute some onion and garlic, add a bunch of ground beef or bison and cook through, then add some chili powder and a coupla cans of diced tomato and simmer for an hour. If you’re feeling crazy, you can add chopped carrot, sweet potato, and zucchini with the tomato (the addition of extra veggies really stretches out the chili). There ya have it. A whole week’s worth of lunches.

Dinner: When I want Husband to be very unhappy, I steam Brussels sprouts. When I want Husband to be very happy, I roast Brussels sprouts.

(Can you guess how often I make Brussels Sprouts?)

Roasted Brussels sprouts are incredibly yummy and simple. Just buy the sprouts fresh (not frozen), chop off the hard ends, toss with olive oil, salt & pepper and roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Ohmagash. So good. Add a side of sliced red pepper and a chicken breast cooked in Ghee (order some seriously amazing ghee here) and you know what happens? Happy mouf.

Paleo eating can cause Happy Mouf Syndrome. Good luck with that one.

I hardly ever eat chicken, but it was clucking to me today.

I also did some cooking for the week, which I’ll explore further in another post.

Today’s Workout: Some frustrating work on the snatch. I couldn’t even come within 10 lbs. of my previous max. What. The. Hell. Then a quick WOD of overheat squats (my nemesis) and burpees (my nemesiser). I struggle to decide how to approach my training at times because I feel I lack absolute strength, but I love going to class and met-conning with my Tribe of crazies.

I’m working on articulating my goals, because I believe adults often simply go about the business of living, WODding, eating, repeating without specific aspiration or aim – and where is the sense of accomplishment in living without goals? This post and this post are both incredibly inspiring.


3 Comments to “Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 30 (!)”

  1. I need chili now.. even if its 94390579238 degrees out that picture is calling my name! I’m making it tonight!

  2. really liked roasted brussels sprouts when I had them last October.

  3. Good! I can continue to get my daily Liz-fix. Also I will try roasted sprouts as you outlined.
    My “problem” is that I have worked hard not to be opinionated or limited to certain favorite foods and/or recipes. I like almost everything, especially when someone else prepares it. It’s hard to ruin food for me!

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