30 Day Wrap-up

I’m going to try to break down, process and package my Mouth Money: 30-days.v1 experience like the 7 whole grains in a Kashi bar (Blech).

While Husband and I endeavor to always “eat clean,” there have always been days here & there since discovering the Paleo approach when we just “didn’t worry about it.” For example, we let it go for our recent wedding, then again as we celebrated our marriage (by trying every delicious dish at every fabulous restaurant in the region).

You're darn tootin' we had cupcakes, bourbon-soaked cherry bombs, and mini cheesecakes at our wedding.

Cinnamon some-thing-or-other, chocolate cream something-or-other, pink lemonade...sooo many flavors of Brain Fog.

I will admit that I had a bit of comfort food during Husband’s first deployment as well. Little slip-ups started to add up to changes in body composition. That’s part of what inspired “Mouth Money.” While we always try to eat clean, it had been awhile since we’d gone 100% compliant, let alone re-committed to recognizing and overcoming the emotional issues and lifestyle “excuses” that lead us off the straight & narrow.

Yes, I'd qualify a wedding as a "Lifestyle Excuse."

This was also my first attempt to show how 100% compliance shakes out in daily life. I believe I showed it to be fairly simple, despite the slight paradigm shift that may be required in eliminating processed foods and other foods so aggressively marketed to us as “health foods” – like dairy, soy products, and whole grains. (Side note: Did anyone else know that Wilford Brimley, the General Mills guy from back-in-the-day is now a spokesperson for Diabetes meds? Fitting conclusion.)

Though I don’t weigh myself – ever – I was recently required to weigh-in for the Crossfit Center City Body Composition Challenge. I was pleased to realize I’d lost 10 lbs. since the last time I was weighed at the doctor’s office (a little over 30 days ago, coincidentally). Not too shabby considering weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, and I’ve been eating liberal amounts of fat with no calorie restriction whatsoever. I changed nothing but my food quality, and even worked out LESS in order to sleep more.

Pre-wedding/deployment, I was working out like a maniac (photo from one such WOD at Crossfit KC), sleeping very little, and keeping my nutrition up. During Mouth Money I shifted those priorities and still saw great success.

Pop-out Quote: I’ve been eating liberal amounts of fat with no calorie restriction whatsoever. I changed nothing but my food quality, and even worked out LESS in order to sleep more.

It seems to me that Food Quality, Sleep, THEN Exercise is the body’s preferred order-of-magnitude.

I do have “before and after” photos from day 1 and day 30. These photos were taken with the self-timer with the camera stacked on a trash can on top of a chair. That’s how resistant I am to having anyone see me in my bikini. So here’s what you get: An eyeful of the following unsolicited response from a friend with whom I shared my photos:

“Liz, I still can’t get over how much your body changed in just 30 days. I know it might be hard for you to recognize but I really do notice a huge change. It’s so awesome to see real before and after pics that are not airbrushed! I think you would inspire a ton of people if they could see even just the front shot.”

(As you can see, this friend knows I’m a bit bashful of my bum.)

A few things I believe I could have done better, and will attempt to improve upon in days 30-60:
-More “whole” whole foods: I need to develop my appreciation for meals of meat + veggies in their natural forms, rather than chopped up and condensed into chili, soup, and mashes.
-Better planning: I would often stare into the fridge for 10 minutes trying to figure out what could be combined into a good meal. Days 30-60 will be more carefully planned.
-Less fruit: While fruit is delicious and a wonderful treat, I tend to use it as a crutch in overcoming the last vestige of a sweet tooth that prefers ice cream, but will “settle” for a Jersey Peach. The idea is to overcome those dependencies.

So that’s the wrap-up. Stay tuned for more Paleo goodness.


2 Comments to “30 Day Wrap-up”

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve cringed…okay, maybe not cried, but the enjoyment was still there. Thank you for allowing me to blow off my already overflowing workload, even if just for a few minutes each day. Oh, and kudos to you on sticking with it and getting healthier…and hey, I’m sure the weight loss didn’t hurt either.

  2. Meal planning–something I’ve never mastered.

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