Cave Girl Eats: GrillFest 2010

Iiiiiiiiiiiiii took a small blog break. Needed a few days to stretch my hands out from all that typing. Of course, upon full recovery, I immediately tore the crap out of them with a Power Clean/Pull-up WOD. On the first pull-up. If you don’t think it’s embarrassing to have to strip the bar of the Rx’d weight while your coach sets up the rings for you to do body rows instead of pull-ups, you are mistaken.

Additionally, my survey indicates that I am a complete wuss.

Now that you've seen this image, we shall talk all about eating things.

Moving on. We got some b-e-a-yootiful new retro-esque patio furniture this week (shout out to Husband for the fine assembly-age. Assemblage? Assembler-age? Blagojevich?) and were gung-ho to use it last night. After being eaten alive for a few minutes we navigated elsewhere (couch) but enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

Husband outdid himself on the grill. Cherry Grove Farm grass-fed beef burgers topped with bacon and a little treat: grass-fed Kerrygold cheese. We ate the burgers between a few leaves of boston lettuce from Terhune Orchards, and H grilled some Terhune onion, pepper and nectarine as well. Grilled fruit is way underrated.

So many beautiful a double rainbow!

We added avocado and yellow tomato…because we can. I must say that I was able to enjoy the incredible quality of the beef much better than if it were drowned in a sea of bun.

We don’t do dairy but on rare occasions – never milk; only hard cheeses and the occasional Greek yogurt (see this recipe) – and today called for a bacon cheeseburger. Any dairy venture requires the good stuff – always grass-fed. When cows eat grass (like they’re supposed to…) the cow-related edibles are far more nutritious, simply because foliage is more nutrient-dense than grains. Just like for humans – a chunk of veggies is nutritionally superior in all aspects to a whack of wheat or corn (which, as we know from the Manwich commercial, is a grain). Grass-fed cheese is higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and “good fats.” Well-sourced material compiled here.

I’ve missed you, reader. More Cave-Girl goodness to come.

That's me.


3 Comments to “Cave Girl Eats: GrillFest 2010”

  1. Raquel Welch’s outfit would make an excellent halloween costume. Just sayin.

    • If it weren’t for the fact that Husband is desperate to buddy up with our 7-foot-tall friend for Halloween to be Rocky, Adrian and Ivan Drago, I would TmcG channel my inner Raquel.

  2. My MIL was into food with color She would absolutely love your food presentation. So pretty.
    Don’t do that to your hands again!

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