Easy Stuffed Peppers

I have a new obsession with broiled, stuffed peppers.

They are easy, fast, and pass as much more “gourmet” than they actually are – for those of us who have no knowledge of the true subtleties of gourmet fare.

Just take some peppers – green ones are more bitter, so you may want to stick with red, yellow and orange (or Poblano if you’re feeling frisky).

Baby peppers are adorable and bite-sized, even for BIg-Mouthed people like me.

Turn on the broiler (most ovens have a broiler setting – if not, you can roast on high heat too).

Slice up the peppers, or core them as I did for this meal. Flip them once so the entire pepper blackens under the broiler. Just a few minutes per side.

When you remove the peppers from under the broiler, their skin will be black. Place them under a dish to allow them to steam. This will loosen their skin and make it easy to peel off.

Steam for a few minutes. The skin will peel off easily.

Meanwhile, saute some ground beef with onion, chopped tomato, and oregano. Mashed sweet potato or mashed roasted parsnip will make the filling stick together nicely, but it’s all ending up in the same place – so that part’s up to you. Mush it into the peppers and enjoy.

The camera adds ten pound of AWESOME!


One Comment to “Easy Stuffed Peppers”

  1. AMAZING. I added zuchinni & garlic

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