Harvey MacKay’s Nightmare Lunch

This lunch is dedicated to Harvey MacKay, who is much more successful than I’ll ever be, but who may not be committed, as I am, to never, ever get caught in a lunchtime pinch with my pants down.

TUPPERWARE? Why can't you eat on-site like everyone else?

Do I need to elucidate?

What I mean is – Mr. MacKay may have said “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” but Mr. MacKay is probably not packing his own lunch every morning to ensure an unbroken skip down the Paleo path.

Okay, so what I’m REALLY trying to say is: Here is a simple, fast lunch for people who are too dumb to plan ahead. Like I was this morning.

Avocado. Sweet potato.

No lunch box needed, no refrigerator necessary.

Avocado. Sweet Potato. Purse. Smirk.

If your workplace doesn’t have a microwave, then you must be working in the stone age, thus you should be perfectly able to go spear yourself a wooly mammoth for lunch. (Which is kinda Paleo-perfect anyway, eh?)

Stab the potato a few times and microwave for 4 minutes-ish. Open up the avocado and enjoy a very filling lunch.


3 Comments to “Harvey MacKay’s Nightmare Lunch”

  1. I happen to have both items just waiting to be consumed. Bought the sweet potato without really knowing what I would do with it. Perhaps I’ll nuke and stab it tomorrow.

  2. Hi Liz! So here’s something you might not know about me: I have a blog too. It’s on LiveJournal, and it is friendslocked, but I do have several friends who read it, and in a here’s-my-life-this-year update I just wrote, I included the following paragraph:

    “I also am making stronger commitments to get into better physical shape. As much as I love tasty food and sedentary behavior, indulging those cravings is just that–an indulgence. And this indulgence has really eroded both my physical condition and my self-discipline and enjoyment regarding taking good care of myself over the last three years. I want those things back. I don’t want to go on a diet and start exercising, I want to change the way I live so junk food and lethargy gradually stop appealing to me. I’ve been talking with a couple of friends who are very into Crossfit workouts and the Paleo eating plan, and they have encouraged me to give them a try. So I’m going to! I visited a local Crossfit box (they call their gyms boxes) tonight, and I’m making plans to start a mostly-Paleo diet within the next few days, with the goal of becoming all-Paleo as soon as I get my legs under me, so to speak. (For more info on those two lifestyles, check out this blurb on my friend Liz’ blog: http://cavegirleats.com/blurb/ . If you are intrigued, read her entries on Paleo recipes, Crossfit workouts, and her 30-day all-Paleo experiment, plus her links to other sites on all those topics. This girl is the main reason I want to do what I’m talking about here; she’s inspiring, energetic, well-informed, and has been really helpful and open in answering my questions about getting started.)”

    I hope this will net you a few more readers as well. Thanks again, and I look forward to keeping YOU apprised of MY progress before too long.



    • What an amazing statement James! Thank you so much for the kind words, and for your eloquence in expressing what so many of us “Paleos” have also gone through. It’s so powerful to realize that the lethargy, the back & forth, the instability surrounding our food choices was a direct result of the “edible products” we were eating. Life isn’t supposed to be a big food tug-of-war. I am so excited to hear all about your progress, and maybe one day I can earn a pass to that blog of yours! Thanks for showing this humble Cave Girl love!

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