Charm of the Farm

I adore Cherry Grove Farm for several reasons.

First, they are committed to being a self-contained operation and use rotational grazing practices to ensure the quality of their land and their product. (Although I was somewhat disappointed to find that “the cows mow the grass!” doesn’t mean what I hoped it meant.)

Second, they are open to discussion about their practices and products. With regards to their eggmakers: No beak trimming, no cages, no forced molting, and their hens eat what hens like to eat – bugs and grass. Once you taste an egg from a “happy chicken” you will never be able to stand the flavor of a standard grocery store egg again.

Their chickens gets daily hugs and affirmations.

Third – and most important – their eggs are delightful in both taste and appearance. Something about finding 2 eggs that look like this just hangin’ out in the carton makes me giggle, and the day gets a little sillier and a little more fun.

Ivan Drago on the left; Rocky Balboa on the right. Who would win in a fight?

There are many operations like this across the country. LocalHarvest makes it easy to find them. Enter your zip code and see what pops up.


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