Let me paint a picture for you.

It’s an ordinary Saturday. You’re pondering your next rambling blog post. You look out the back window and your cavehusband is mowing the lawn.


Do NOT get this lawn mower near a pot of boiling water. Confusion will ensue.


There may be a trip to Home Depot on the horizon. Life is good. And it’s about to get even better.

The mail comes. As you sort through the normal Saturday junk, you hear the faint – yet slowly swelling – chorus of a choir. The sun breaks from behind a cloud. Bells start to ring and flowers bloom.

Cave Girl Café samples are here.

Someone who understands me reached out and touched my Baconheart today.


No, this is not an x-Ray. This is my Baconheart.


Cave Girl Café exemplifies both the varied talents AND delightfully gung-ho nature of the “Paleo” community. Their line of cards and “Paleo-Approved” goodies rocks my loincloth off.



Click on the kick-ass logo to go to their website!


The “Primal” community – those journey-documenting, Paleo-recipe-blogging, veggie-loving SOGs (sons of Groks) – have created something that’s beyond that dirty, short-sighted, image-obsessed word (“diet”) to create an entire playbook for taking our evolutionary heritage and applying it to modern life.

So you can see why we needed greeting cards.

A benefit of this lifestyle is enjoying better overall health and shaking off the chains of Western maladies. An even bigger benefit is getting to send Thank You notes on bacon stationery.



Merry Meat-covered Christmas!


Would you believe it gets better?

CGC combines the fun and lighthearted (“Rudolph Goes Grass-Fed?” Awesome!) with a serious passion for the only thing better than bacon – responsibly sourced coffee. From their blog:

Cave Girl Café is committed to featuring sustainably grown, fair trade coffees from the best coffee producing regions of the world.  Our roaster, Mike Huber, has been travelling the world buying and roasting coffee for the last 20 years.  We at Cave Girl Café are excited to share Mike’s knowledge of coffee and roasting with all of you…and there’s more to it than you might think!  While most of us judge a cup of coffee by the response our noses and tongues give us when we take a swill in the morning, things like “terroir” (the land, soil, climate, water, etc where the beans are grown) have a remarkable effect on the ultimate flavor and quality of what ends up in your mug.”

This thorough understanding of – and passion for – the origins of what we consume is what makes a true Cave Girl. It’s what the Primal life is all about.

I placed my stationery order this afternoon and look forward to trying their next roast. The first person who sends me a CGC Christmas card this holiday season gets a homemade coupon for a complementary backrub and a Paleo-approved, gluten-free cupcake.



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