(Finger Wagging)

So Mark Sisson is selling some protein powder. The term “Primal-gate” is being thrown around.


See Mark. See Mark Sell.


Back to that in a bit.

I certainly hop up onto my soapbox now and then (often by way of a 22″ box jump, wink wink), usually with the hope that a chunk of info I’ve found enlightening may help someone else. If I have a problem with some particularly irritating or potentially damaging bit of info, I’ll say it. I did so in my Strong is the New Strong post.

This blog, (aside from the unbelievably delicious recipes, of course) is a place where I evaluate information. As I did in my previous post Food Lies: Dietary Guidelines for Americans and in Food Lies: Soy, I look at “what we’ve been told” and do my best to “fact check” for sourcing, intent, and relevance.

In general, the “Paleo” devotee understands that the foods our pre-agriculturalist ancestors ate (accounting for over 99% of our human history) had a direct influence on the extraordinary health they enjoyed (juxtaposed with the “Western” diseases seen in the archaeological remains of agriculturalists and leading up to many of the medical issues we experience today). This historical viewpoint, combined with our understanding of physiology, helps to explain why diseases like Celiac, Autoimmunity, digestive and neurological diseases occur so frequently today.

From what I observe of the “Paleo” movement, I see that the implementation is widely varied and dependent on the goals and values of each individual. The great thing about this? It fosters a broad body of testimonial experience and conscientious evaluation of available information. Sometimes it also fosters some fun jokes at Barry Sears’ expense.

Mark Sisson has not jeopardized my message by making some protein powder. I don’t listen to sales pitches – they are prone to hyperbole – and I don’t buy something before I know I need it. Therefore, I don’t care what Mark’s sales pitch is. I know what protein powder is, and I know I don’t need it. I don’t care to drink concentrated dairy products or meal replacements.

I am responsible for evaluating every bit of information I choose to believe, and I expect that others do the same. It’s called TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, people.

I don’t expect my every post and idea to jive with the sensibilities of every person, and I also understand that it doesn’t matter. I can certainly defend my point of view – I assume Mark Sisson can defend his. I’m capable of thinking for myself, and while I can’t stomach much of the irresponsible information pushed upon us in the newsmedia, I can grant the generally helpful Primal blogger Mark Sisson permission to sell some stinkin’ protein powder. Yeah, it’s of little utility for 95% of people. But those 95% are as capable of thinking for themselves as anybody else. Mark Sisson himself agrees with me. From his About section:

Why should I listen to you?

You shouldn’t. I’m partly kidding, of course, but I do believe in critically assessing everything we come across, particularly if it has an impact on our health – including anything I say. “

I think that counts as a disclaimer. In the same section, Mark lets us know he drinks beer. GASP! But beer isn’t Primal – The nerve of that guy! He also discusses his supplement-designing past. The guy’s not trying to keep secrets.

I am a bit perplexed by the direction he’s taking, but whether he’s a hypocrite is of no relevance to me. His sphere of influence is broad, but his audience is no less capable of thoughtful evaluation of information.

Idle criticism and judgement is an utter waste of time. If you don’t like Sisson pushin’ the powder, and you’re worried about the poor schmucks who will ruin their lives by drinking it, and you don’t think he should be allowed to be a hypocrite or make his own judgement on what is or is not “Primal,” do a decent write-up to help people understand why. That’s helpful.

Or expect that your friends and readers trust you fully, follow you blindly and do your bidding unconditionally and just say this:

You don’t need protein powder.


One Comment to “(Finger Wagging)”

  1. I’m with you 100%.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

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