I’ve got an itch to take it to the next level.

Through Thanksgiving Day Eve, I’m going all-out elimination. While I love all things Primal/Paleo, I’m also a student of the process – and what kind of student would I be if I didn’t explore every angle and possibility? Not to mention – think about it: Tambourines. Maracas. Shake Weights. It’s just fun to shake things up!

Armed with a 4-week comprehensive meal plan & shopping list, I’ve chosen to temporarily eliminate foods that, for some individuals, may cause issues like inflammation (nightshade vegetables), and gut irritation (The Incredible Edible Egg). Some of these are Paleo-friendly, but common food allergens. I’ll also eliminate “On the Fence Foods” like the occasional dairy.

The goal is to enjoy quality meats, most veggies, and healthful fats. The aspiration is to learn more about myself and how I function best.


4 Responses to “Let’s get ELIMINATED!”

  1. awesome! time to clean out my pantry and start anew!

  2. I want in!!! Sounds like an awesome plan.


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