EChallenge: Day 2

Here are my original posts about the Intro to the Echallenge and its Purpose/Food ideas.

A quick tangent before we even start:

Thank you, thank you to those who have served and those who are serving in the military – In particular, my husband (active military) and an EChallenge participant (retired military). Regardless of politics – and I’m no traditional “political” type – there are people doing their best every day who have vowed to die for the cause of the United States if necessary. Many of us live in the United States, so that commitment affects us directly. That commitment is heroic. Unfortunately I often forget that until I have to drop the Cavehusband off for deployment as I did yesterday. Love you CH! This quote is for you:

That man is successful…who looks for the best in others and gives the best of himself, who feels deeply, gives generously, and strives quietly to leave the world a better place than he found it.”

This breakfast fit for a day like yesterday, Tuesday October 26, (Deployment day) because the Cavehusband’s favorite meal is “Thanksgiving.” Anything within that spectrum will do, so roast turkey certainly fit the bill. I added spinach sauteed in garlic & olive oil. YOU DON’T HAVE TO EAT BREAKFAST FOOD FOR BREAKFAST!

All in all, between tearing some meat off my whole roast turkey and wrastling up the spinach, this breakfast took 5 minutes to prep.

Gobble gobble.

I flipped lunch & dinner from the meal plan and had Sausage Stew for CH’s farewell lunch. I added about six truckloads of Kale to this batch – aaaallmost too much.

Kale overload.

Dinner was leftover Spaghetti Squash with beef stew (from yesterday’s meal plan).

This meal plan (email me for a copy; has truly been great. It’s made things super easy. It’s heavy in root veggies – I guess that’s my “winter is coming” instinct.

Here’s a photo my girl @Clayberg (of Primal Playhouse) posted via Twitter of her Sausage Stew – looks delicious!

Day 2 yummers.


3 Responses to “EChallenge: Day 2”

  1. Sausage stew looks great–I’m looking forward to trying it. I going to work on my kitchen skills tonight by getting all the goodies in the CrockPot for some beef stew for breakfast.


    P.S. Best wishes for CH’s safe return!


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