EChallenge: Day 3

Here are my original posts about the Intro to the Echallenge and its Purpose/Food ideas.

Day 3 – Wednesday, October 27

Sorry for the late post folks! Doggie duty took up some serious time this morning. For those who aren’t aware: A 90-lb monster is different from a dog. While it may be equally lovable, it leaves behind monster messes. The trade-off is that he can reach things on the top shelf.

No, he didn't eat the little one. Although that is technically "Paleo."

Day 3 menu consisted of one of my faves: Root Vegetable Hash for breakfast from Mark’s Daily Apple. Here’s CGE’s link to the recipe, and MDA’s original. I increased the percentage of pork shoulder to veggies to ease the carb load this time, though I usually go crazy on the veggies.

Happy as a pig in...well, you know. (Hi mom!)

Lunch was leftover sausage stew from Day 2.

Dinna was anotha winna. Chicken breast marinated in lemon & basil with roasted asparagus. I added some stew veggies that needed to be eaten as well.

While this asparagus is probably shipped in from South America, I'll allow it. Because it was DELICIOUS.

Once again I’ve confirmed to myself that just a few days of all-out whole foods and packaged-food-free eating resets any hunger issues I struggle with. When I’ve had a little too much sugar I’m beyond irrational in my search for the next carb fix; when I’m well-fed, even a growly stomach doesn’t drive me to the Wawa for an extra snack.


2 Comments to “EChallenge: Day 3”

  1. OMG, you said Wawa….

    Oh, Wawa, how I miss thee….

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