Jeff Goldblum, Brett Farve, et. Al.

Breakfast and lunch yesterday were leftover Root Vegetable Hash and Lemon-basil chicken with asparagus.

Dinner was…interesting.

The coconut chicken curry recipe I adapted from Mark’s Daily Apple Primal Blueprint Cookbook was pretty flawless, but apparently when you watch your first-ever half-hour of The Food Network immediately before cooking dinner you get an over-inflated sense of bravery.

What I’m saying is – sometimes it’s better to stick to the recipe.

I boldly scooped out volumes of coconut oil, tossed in curry spices with a grand flourish, and pretty much re-created the following scene from The Big Chill…by myself. Except for they are cleaning up, and I…I was destroying.

(I just feel like nothing could feel better than rejecting Jeff Goldblum’s advances. AmIRIGHT?)

I added cauliflower rice instead of chopped cauliflower and forgot all about the cabbage. What I ended up with looked like this:

Coconut Curry Chicken Gruel

It actually tasted pretty good, although my strategy was so flawed it made it difficult to put this one in the “W” column.  (I’m sure there’s a football analogy in there somewhere? Da Bearss? Rudy? Brett Favre?)


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