New Project!

Hola Paleo-lites! I’m very excited to share a new project with you: The Cave Girl is now cross-blogging at Steve’s Original!

You may be familiar with a product I talk about often – the PaleoKit. These kits, along with a few other staples from Steve’s Original (check them out here), have literally kept my husband properly fueled during his deployments and I couldn’t be more grateful that they exist. I vouch for these Kits 100%, not just because they’re delicious, but because I’m fortunate to know Steve, the Original Journeyman, personally. We took PaleoKits with us on our Greece honeymoon – not as a sub for Greek food, of course, but to keep us from biting each other’s heads off on long hikes in Sifnos.

Paleokits in Sifnos!

Steve’s Original products support and fuel Steve’s Club, a 501(c)(3) NJ Non-profit organization. Steve’s Club provides athletic training and mentorship to at-risk and underserved youth from any socioeconomic background. More about Steve’s Club here.

It’s truly a spectacular commitment, and I’m grateful to say that other gyms are now joining the movement. This type of program has unlimited potential to change the lives of kids everywhere. Even if you’re not a gym owner, you can pick up the Steve’s Club torch by volunteering your individual mentorship to a kid that needs you. Even a long walk with a good conversation can change a life. Athletics have extraordinary power to teach life lessons, skills of teamwork and perseverance, and ambitious goal-setting. Steve understands that – and Steve’s Original fuels the fire!

I’ll update this blog with happenings from my new project. CaveGirlEats will keep going strong, of course! Nothing will change except my awesome-meter (“awe-som-metur”) will probably elevate a few notches.

The Official Awesometer of CaveGirl and Microsoft Paint.


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