One Potato, Two Potato…

We all know I have an obsession with Sweet Potatoes. As I write this, I’m finishing up a bacon-sweet potato-coconut milk concoction that is supremely divine as my skin turns a festive shade of orange.

An early Thanksgiving treat! Paleo Krunch Kasserole!

Naturally, then, one of my first blogs for Steve’s Original was about…the Sweet Potato. More on this great choice of carbohydrate here, or click on the preview photo below.

Something I value highly is simplicity. If you’re like me (and as we know, everyone wants to be) there is a solid level of buy-in for cooking-related activities. It must be simple. Easy. Flexible, even. Or I’m. Not. Doing. It. This girl’s sophisticated palate went the way of Justin Guarini and Pogs (read: obscurity) with its first taste of ping-pong-ball-flavored Natty Light.

(I should pause a moment to gloat about the Beer Pong Table at my wedding.)

So the delicious, Paleo-Thanksgiving Paleo Krunch Kasserole I made this morning fits the bill. You can also click on the preview photo below to view.



One Comment to “One Potato, Two Potato…”

  1. sheer genius. BLAMMO infinity.

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