Back to Business.

I’ve spent the last week or so bouncing around the meal plan from Week One of the Elimination Challenge. My Land, did that make a lot of food! I’m roast turkey-ed out. At least until Thanksgiving when I get my yearly Tryptophan overdose. (Seratonin precursors, anyone?)

I finally made my way over to the Salmon Patty dinner. I live my life by the belief that bread crumbs aren’t necessary in meat-frying situations, and I learned last night that this same rule does not apply to egg-requiring recipes.

My original recipe for Salmon Patties included eggs; I figured I could just as easily make the same recipe without them if I just made the patties bite-sized. While these weren’t horrible, they certainly weren’t as good as the egged ones. I did get the fleeting enjoyment of the Salmon Skeleton, visible upon opening my can of wild-caught salmon. For some reason this delights me:

I picture a happy little fish jumping from the stream into this can, wiggling happily into place, delighted to be en route to keeping me healthy.

I actually like the little salmon bones. They’re supposed to be nutritious, and they are easily mashed up with a fork.

Empty the can of salmon into a bowl, then add generous amounts of chive and dill. This mix alone would be great in a lettuce wrap (!) Which is probably how I should’ve eaten these. Egg-less Salmon Patties turned out to be a lackluster Elimination Challenge meal. (Sorry, folks!)

Shape into small patties and fry up in coconut oil. I served with a squeeze of lemon and capers. 

Not bad, but not as good as the first. Kind of like a fish-patty version of this season of The Office.

Recommended recipe of the week: From Life As A Plate, Garlic Mashed Parsnips. These look aah-maze-ing-uh.


3 Comments to “Back to Business.”

  1. I was thinking of you at my Friday Lunch Bunch “soiree” today, Zizabeth. We were at Cafe Sebastienne, the award-winning restaurant at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Their lunch special was ham and split pea soup, half a sandwich of pork loin with tomato and yummy etceteras, and sweet potato/greens salad. Sooo tasty!
    I’ve ordered an online sample jar of ghee! I googled ghee, chose a purveyor, learned their products are not available locally, so I filled out an order form. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my lunch-loving friends.
    See how you influence me?

  2. mmmm.. now I want to eat and I just finished lunch!

  3. Yep, turkey-ed out and I finally tossed the rest of the sausage stew (nee soup). It was delicious but I had do much. But the pork shoulder and the beef stew disappeared in a flash. As of tonight, I’m not doing so well on the elimination part (dairy tonight in the form of ice cream–I’m an addict); however, I am suddenly using the hell out of my CrockPot and that’s a good thing! I’m going to try to get the root hash done tomorrow.

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