Super Sat Fats

*Update: Due to reader request, Cave Girl would like to highlight the following: Grass fed, grass fed, grass fed! As stated in the post, we’re exclusively referencing “Sat Fats from naturally-occuring sources like eggs, grass-fed animal fats and coconut oil…” as the ones with the great benefits. Feedlot cattle and most grocery store meats (if not labeled “grass fed”) are NOT the place to get your Fabulous Sat Fats! Here are a few resources for Grass-fed meat, tallow, and coconut products (they deliver!):

Grass-fed meats and Tallow from US Wellness Meats:
Grass-fed Ghee (butter fat): Pure Indian Foods
Coconut Products: Wilderness Family Naturals
and Tropical Traditions:
To find grass-fed and pastured products in your locality, check out


I adore the word “super.” I think it goes back to wanting to be a member of the SuperFriends.


If I keep using the word "super," maybe I will become one of the Super Friends!

My latest post for Steve’s Original , “Super Sat Fats,” distills some of the amazing information available in a few must-reads – Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes; Know Your Fats by Mary Enig; and Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas:

I’ve noticed an inspiring turn of events. People within the Paleo community are reversing Fat-Phobia.

Maligned since the 1970s, when questionable research steamrolled into the anti-fat movement (followed by over 30 years of progressively declining public health), Fat may be poised for a comeback.

I have noticed, however, that as much as we Paleo folk love our nuts, avocados, and olive oil, there is still some confusion over Saturated Fat. Just recently I saw a little Facebook Sat-Fat-Fear-Mongering on the part of an excellent Paleo-oriented gym. I wanted to reach out, give that gym a hug, and tell them not to be scared of their bacon and beef tallow….


Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…(Or, read the rest by clicking here!)




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