Motivation. (Thank you, veterans.)

So I’m over halfway through my self-tasked Elimination Challenge (temporarily removing common Paleo-friendly, yet known allergenic foods like eggs, nuts, and nightshades) and I’m feeling AWESOME. While I’m still committed to the cause, I’ve lacked motivation this week. I’ve just baaarely eked out compliant dishes for dinner, and a few times I’ve slowed waaaay down while driving past the Chipotle on my route home. (Chipotle hint: the carnitas are the only meat that’s *supposedly* free of soybean oil. Burrito Bol with carnitas, salsas, extra guac and lettuce. Boom.)

In my moments of doubt this week, I’ve remembered Veteran’s day. If there is ever a day to be grateful for the magnitude of blessings I have – the sheer fact that I can choose my own food, that I’m free to be as healthy (or as sick) as I choose to be, that I have nourishment for my body and soul, it’s today. There are so many people who have made and are actively making sacrifices in the name of our country, Cavehusband and grandparents included, and politics aside – that is BRAVE. Makes me feel a little foolish for feeling so put-upon this week.

So I called in the Real-Food Troops to help me push through the wall.

This Brussels Sprouts recipe from Life As A Plate made a delicious side to lunch and dinner yesterday, and this Chicken Soup recipe from The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate was a perfect warm comfort dish for me. I can’t wait to make it for the CH when he returns from deployment. (You can also click on the screen shot below to be taken to their website.)

So in addition to my gratitude to our Active Duty Military and Veterans, I have to be thankful for the amazing Paleo/Primal/Real Food community for sharing their recipes and ideas so freely. It’s an indirect form of support that props me up during these deployments, and I’m so grateful for your help.


2 Comments to “Motivation. (Thank you, veterans.)”

  1. So glad you loved the sprouts – I eat them (often with cabbage and carrots) for lunch!! I may or may not also douse them in butter. 😉

    BTW, I;m in NJ right now!!

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