Mrs. Bossy Tells You What.

Let me break through your internal monologue for a minute, ’cause I’mma tell you what.


Don’t even THINK about weight. “Weight” is the dumbest measure of success. Ever. Stop weighing yourself. Eat as you’re supposed to, challenge yourself in exercise and in life (read. a. book.) and do NOT weigh yourself. If you need indications of your success, look in the mirror after 30 days of eating properly and doing several sessions per week of exercise that challenges you. And if we’re being honest, stop wondering why something you’re NOT doing consistently “isn’t working.”

You probably look better than you allow yourself to believe.

The scale is ridiculous. If you’d dropped 20 pounds after eating nothing but Slim Fast bars, Twinkies and Soy burgers you would absolutely never reach your full health potential. Tackle health first, and as you learn and lean in that direction, you’ll know how to properly tinker with body composition.

Trusting the scale is like trusting Oprah’s diet doctors. Get past it. Now.


Trust yourself with your health care first, and your MD second (or third…or fourth). Doctors know medicine. (Doctor of Medicine.) This is great for treating acute symptoms. Doctors save lives. Many are, however, generally misinformed about nutrition science. Their education as prescribed isn’t concerned with the role of long-term nutrition in acute symptoms. Even nutritionist and, yes, dietetic educational programs aren’t on the cutting edge. Science outpaces the evolution of the educational system. So if a professional recommends the food pyramid with no eye for food quality, run the other way. But first, grab a few of those fun popsicle sticks for various projects involving glue (for glueing, not huffing).

This product not intended for use as a hilarious prop.

Tackling health first through diet will set the stage for long-term maintenance of great body composition (read: looking good naked. In fluorescent light. At age 65). Tackling calories first with no knowledge about food quality sets the stage for feelings of deprivation, binges, backslides and yo-yo frustration. And in some cases, lawsuits.

Maaaaaybe this wasn't such a great idea.

Eating the proper foods that human beings are meant to eat – Properly fed (pastured) meats, vegetables, and some fruits in seasonal rotation means no hunger pangs, no disordered cravings, no crazed binges, no cutting out photos of ‘rexic models for your “thinspiration board.” Why? Because your body resets itself. It comes back to reality from hurtling through a black hole of artificial sugar and processed food nightmares. And it’s nearly impossible to binge on something as sating as properly fed (pastured) meats, vegetables, and some fruits.

My diet program is eating.


If you want something “non-Paleo,” have it. There’s no wagon to fall off of. There’s just choices you make, one at a time, on a cost-benefit basis. I suspect that once you give the “Paleo” ideals a few weeks of compliance and learning, you won’t crave anything else. DON’T judge yourself for “breaking diet.” You didn’t break anything, and thinking about it that way sets the stage for – again – disordered cravings, crazed binges, and cutting out photos of ‘rexic models for your “thinspiration board.”

No. Just no.

Give yourself time and give yourself KNOWLEDGE. The more you know about the science and practical application of healthy eating principles, the more naturally you will gravitate toward those ideas. You – not Slim-Fast, Atkins, or Jillian Michaels – are your own taskmaster, because you KNOW “why” and “how.” That is pure freedom.


3 Comments to “Mrs. Bossy Tells You What.”

  1. I love those cartoons. So accurate about women’s body image and men’s body image.
    And so true about looking in the mirror rather than at the scale. Good thing to be reminded of.

  2. Makes sense to me. No guilt nutrition. You’re mever too old to get better.

  3. i must read this post everyday.

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