Reading Between the Lines

I didn’t do so well in Philosophy in college. My professor with the coke-bottle glasses and the South Brooklyn accent had a favorite, and it wasn’t me – it was the curly-haired hippie guy who wore the same REO Speedwagon shirt every day and jeans that were tight enough to be sausage casing. (And that wasn’t even cool yet!)

Hipsters don't do squats. Not because they can't, but because their jeans told them not to.

I do wax thoughtful from time to time, and in evaluating my Paleo journey for Steve’s Original, I did just that.

If you’re a study junkie as I am, you spend hours combing through so-called studies of nutrition, randomized trials, and theories regarding heart disease, gluten intolerance, and anything peripherally related to metabolic syndrome. If you’re a skeptic of current nutritional “standards,” as I am, you probably find yourself frustrated at the frequency with which these studies tell you absolutely…nothing.

…Click HERE to read on.


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