Back to Reality.

I’m back! (Did anyone notice I was gone?)

I granted myself a little vacay over the last few days. I used it wisely – lots of Vampire fiction, Silly bandz and Delia’s Catalogue shopping.

(Srrsly, LOLz.)

Oh, and turkey.

Now it is well known in the midwest that the Cave Girl

is a turkey junky – a Bonafide Golly Turkaconis Freak.



(Points to anybody who can Name That Quote.)

I had an amazing Thanksgiving with two talented ladies. All of our husbands were on duty in various parts of the world and our families scattered across the country, so we banded together for this day of wine – er, gratitude.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is circling the table, pre-feast, and saying at least one thing we’re grateful for. It’s always hard to narrow it down – but this year I was grateful for my incredible Cavehusband, for his strong sense of duty, honor and integrity, and for our life together, and also that he is super hot. (!)

One of my Thanksgiving ladies, luckily enough, was Kristen of Eat Well With Wine. Kristen knows wine like I know the sound of my smoke detector, and she’s an extremely talented cook. A few things from the menu:



Spiced cranberry sauce – made with honey, fresh-squeezed
orange juice, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon.



Two-potato casserole – sweet potato and white with seasoning and a dusting of cheese.



Of course, TURKEY – a Heritage bird from Birchwood Farm. This turkey had a perfect
balance of light and dark meat and was unbelievably savory. It went to slaughter on Friday and we
enjoyed it less than a week later. We stuffed the cavity with fresh
butter from Birchwood, lemon, herbs and garlic.



Roasted Brussels sprouts (my favorite) with pomengranate seeds.



Delicious sauce made with the giblets (giggle). Yup, we used the innards and the outards.



I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was a blessed as mine. Lots of good stuff to come this week, both here and at Steve’s Original.


7 Comments to “Back to Reality.”

  1. Loved your pictures and commentary! Wish I’d been one of the women at the table. Maybe soon . . .

  2. Ahem. My father wove a tapestry of obscenities that, as far as we know, is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.

    How much did you pay for your turkey? Mine was also heritage breed and a leeeeetle pricier than I can afford on a regular basis, sadly. But when you do the math, it all came out to the price of a nice restaurant dinner.

    I miss you, learn-y friend. My notes from WAP are still stewing (fermenting?) in my tote bag. My brain hurts. haha.

    • The turkey was petite, just 8 lbs., and in total it was under 50 bucks (math)? It was quite delicious, but definitely a little pricier. I’m bordering on orthorexic now when it comes to knowing the source of my meats – I can hardly bear to eat something that didn’t have a pleasant life before slaughter! This is why I ate snails the other night…I couldn’t ascertain the source of the calf’s liver.

      Miss you! I am having the same WAP notes issue…in dire need of review.

  3. oh and the quote is from A Christmas Story. Points please!!

  4. I love the turkey leg! Glad you guys had a wonderful time! We enjoyed our “single ladies” thanksgiving as well!

  5. You look very pretty biting into that turkey leg 🙂

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