Where’s My Wagon?

If you missed it yesterday via Steve’s Original, here’s my most recent post on the Big Topic every year come The Holidays.

No, not How to Escape Being Trampled at Target.

The topic is Food. Here’s a little teaser…pop on over to Steve’s Original for the rest (They have an awesome photo up).

Liz: Hey Self, I’ve been thinking about all the things we SHOULDN’T eat during
the holidays, and how I have to SURVIVE the HOLIDAY FOOD SITUATION!
Temptation is everywhere!

Self: You have crazy eyes.


Liz: Like candy – I shouldn’t eat it! Treats are EVERYWHERE! I need to follow
HOLIDAY SURVIVAL TIPS! Opt for carrots and oxygen. Anything Buddy the Elf
likes to eat, I SHOULDN’T eat!


Self: Sounds like you’re holding steady there, crazy eyes.


Liz: I accidentally tripped and fell into some Chicken Fingers.


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