Crazy Pills?

I’m a “live and let live” kinda gal.

But as I grow in my understanding of health, nutrition, and the “bigger picture” of wellness on both a personal and global level, I have to ask myself the question that’s been plaguing Mugatu and mankind for millenia:


Kill the Prime Minister!


I take full responsibility for the state of my own health. I do my best with nutrition, exercise, and grateful living to keep myself functioning well, and visits to the doc are a last resort. There’s very little that happens to me, health-wise, that I don’t have a decent holistic understanding of cause and treatment. Fortunately, I rarely feel ill. Everything from my “women’s health” to my dental and skin health have predictable connections to the way I balance my body chemistry through diet and lifestyle. I also work, as does my Cavehusband, to earn the health care coverage we have should the day come when something unpredictable occurs.

The self-sick, the diabetic, the chain smoker, and individuals suffering from self-inflicted maladies who plague our health care system don’t stack up as insurable without a long list of qualifiers. I understand wanting to foster a healthy American population – but medical coverage does not mean health. Would it be wrong to require certain qualifying activities and educational credits to folks receiving coverage? Am I being unrealistic in thinking that after years of stuffing myself with crud and chemicals that I may NOT have the right to an insurance-paid trip to the doctor for pain meds and a statin scrip?

I know it’s a stretch when the ADA itself can’t figure out the simple components of a healthy diet. In a perfect world where Science wasn’t bankrolled by Corporations, fundamental nutritional education would begin from the moment children hit a school environment. Children must have the tools to make the right decisions to become healthy adults. (The same goes for financial responsibility – kids need these lessons from the beginning.)

Anyone not providing themselves with the raw nutritional materials for health should NOT be extended the privilege of health care, but the government should also be held responsible for bad programs and misinformation if the end desire is a healthy population. I’m not saying Universal Health Care is wrong. I’m saying it’s never been done correctly. And I’m offering no well- constructed alternative course of action. Know why? Because this is my blog and I can rant unproductively if I want to.

There’s no quick fix. The issues of health, education, and even discrimination are intricately intertwined. It’s hard to separate them all to begin constructing a better solution. But no matter how far we continue down the wrong path, it’s going to remain the wrong path.

The tragedy of government, as well as modern medicine, is that both have taken to treating symptoms rather than causes. Providing medical coverage for folks with no knowledge or means for appropriate nutrition or self-care is as backward as it gets, and it offends me and my tax-paying sensibilities. I understand this isn’t the character sketch for every single person on the UHC coverage list, but it holds true for many. Everywhere we look people are sick, struggling, and misinformed. And it won’t get better if the root cause isn’t treated. I want to help, but I don’t want to throw my money into the National Money Hole (click on the photo below for a riveting report on the NMH).


Is it time to close the money hole?


I’m about as sensitive as it gets. Puppies? Love them. Kittens? SNUGGLES! I may squish the occasional cricket, but I always think to myself, “I should have brought it a little top hat instead.” I do believe that everyone has the right to be cared for, but that right only extends as far as their commitment to care for themselves.

(Ohmigosh you guys, I just figured out my problem. I have no conscience! I squashed it!)


5 Comments to “Crazy Pills?”

  1. Schools are teaching children about nutrition..unfortunately it is the SAD that they recommend. I’m at the point where I wish they wouldn’t include it, rather than misinform my kids and create arguments with my 5 year old about whether or not toast and cereal are healthy foods! It truly drives me crazy!

    • So true…Try as I might, I can’t think of an alternative way to educate kids about nutrition besides a true grassroots movement, and teaching by example! Maybe the Primal, real food folk will fill this role. Unfortunately, the parents are being given the same bad information, and there’s no way to force someone into thinking for themselves. I hope the internet/facebook presence of the Real Food community will cut through the NOISE to make a true impact!

  2. Ahhh…personal responsibility…what a concept! I was just reading another article about people blaming their obesity on too much fast food available…c’mon now people, no one is shoving it in your mouth.

  3. I like to think of it like the little girl in the starfish story.

    There was a little girl who lived on a beach and one night there was a terrible storm. When she went out the next morning there were thousands of starfish stranded on the beach so one by one she began to throw them back in the ocean. She spent hours doing this, barely making any progress. An old man walked up to her, looking up and down the beach at the thousands of starfish that still lay all around, and said to her, “Why are you doing this? There is no way that you can save them all. Nothing that you do here matters.” The little girl bent over, picked up another starfish, and tossed it into the waves. Then she looked at the old man and said, “It mattered to that one.”

    One at a time. That’s all we can really do. And it will matter to each person we help.

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