#Paleo Love: Get Some!

Whatever label you’re affixing to your latest 30 Day Challenge – Be it Whole 30, Paleo Resolution, or BGr84Hot2011, we can all come together to show the Paleo Love! Tweet it (#PaleoLove), post on your personal blog, stay accountable (I will – pop on over for an obnoxiously detailed documentation of my every Paleo Bite!) and enjoy the process of changing your life.

I’m participating in the “World’s Largest Paleo Challenge” put together by Crossfit Love! This challenge is a full-tilt resource-mania Paleo Love Fest. 30 Days of Paleo expert advice, thoughts, recipes and ideas to encourage and inspire. Follow @CrossfitLove or @JoePetrusky on Twitter for the updates, which will be blogged here!

I’ll be writing about Personal Care, Paleo Style! Look for it!


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