#PaleoLove: Day 1

First day of PaleoLove was just like any other day.

iPhone alarm malfunction (seriously) leads to leaving the house empty-tummied, missing my 6AM direct flight (with a lunchtime arrival), thus having to camp out for 4 hours to catch another flight involving a layover, a plane change and a very unshowered Kathy Bates lookalike (I asked her how she liked working with Kate & Leo, but she didn’t feel like schmoozing).

Kate, Leo, and my Unsinkable Seat Mate.

You haven’t been in a food desert until you’ve been in the Kansas City International Airport. Everything’s either a nuke-yoo-lar sugar bomb or a pile of refined carb covered in coagulated industrial-grade goop. So what’s a Paleo gal to do?

Buy some raw almonds and Suck. It. Up.

Just a girl and her almonds in an empty airport.

Nope, I didn’t break Paleo. Why would I? Sh*t happens. It’s up to ME how I handle it. And since I nourish myself pretty durn well as a general rule, I had no problem stretching a nice bag of raw almonds across my long day. Even with all the unexpected piles of BLAH I had to wade through, I didn’t lose my head. Except at the end when the giant boat sank and Jack floated down into the ocean, leaving Rose with only the Heart of the Ocean and memories. The Titanic really was a ship of Dreams.



3 Comments to “#PaleoLove: Day 1”

  1. So then what happened?

  2. iPhone one-time alarms are broken. If you make it repeat, it will work. Hopefully Apple will fix that soon.

    Congrats on sticking to the plan on a crappy day in airports.

    • I still can’t believe that on the ONE DAY of a two-week vacation that I actually NEEDED to get up early, the stinkin’ iPhone alarm was broken. Though it does make me happy to be able to blame something besides my own incompetence for the events of the day 🙂

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