#PaleoLove: Day 2

The challenge is in full swing! Today’s featured Expert for the 30 Day Paleo Love Challenge is posted here, at Crossfit Love! You may recognize the Expert – Steve of Steve’s Original! I moonlight (And daylight. And butt-crack of dawnlight) as the Nutrition Advisor for Steve’s Original – if you don’t keep up with the SO blog you’re missing some excellent Cave Girl action.

Click on the logo to check out Steve's Original Blog.

So here’s the rundown of my Day 2. A late breakfast of 2 fried eggs and bacon:


I love. LOVE runny egg yolks. They make me want to do Kevin Bacon's Footloose dance. (Bacon + Egg. I guess it makes sense.)


Lunch was a giant bowl of raw beef topped with three raw eggs.


Just kidding. This was my dog's dinner. And I really, really hope everybody reads these captions.

Now that you’ve been reminded of how quick-witted and hilarious I am, I’ll move on to meal #2, which was my last meal of the day today. One of my goals for this challenge is to practice intuitive, reasonable eating. I often eat just for the Paleo sake of it – I enjoy food and love cooking, so at times I eat outside reasonable bounds. Part of my journey into the Primal life has been slowly coming to terms with the fact that food is fuel, that it should be the best fuel possible, and that emotional attachments to food can and should be conquered.

After yesterday’s travel day and having another half day of driving today, I expected to be more hungry. But a bowl of Paleo Paella for dinner was enough for tonight. I always feel a little wonky after traveling, so I don’t mind refraining from food-system overload.


Ann-doo-ley sausage makes this beyond delicious.

#PaleoLove day 2 complete!


3 Comments to “#PaleoLove: Day 2”

  1. Just so’s you know, I totally laffed out loud and made my girls come and read. πŸ˜€

    I wavered about doing the 30 day challenge and decided to opt out in favor of having a daily fast of a minimum of 14 hours. I already eat no grains, no legumes, the very rare raw dairy, and the only sugar is the small amounts of honey in my Mark Sisson ketchup and bbq sauce, the occasional 85% dark chocolate nibble, and the odd bowl of all natural ice cream (my only other dairy hit :P). I feel pretty good about my diet but, like you, I love food and often eat just for the joy and not necessarily the need. IFing daily for a month seemed like a good alternative. “… intuitive, reasonable eating” is definitely smart. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Cheryl! You join the list of six people who like my sense of humor. I’m at a ratio of 1 fan for every 5,654 alienated! πŸ˜›

      You know, it took me a long time to feel good about my diet – as in, feeling like I didn’t need to do a “30 day challenge” to get “back on-track” because at this point my overall understanding of what my body needs, what’s “ok” and what’s “not ok” is pretty solid. My commitment is pretty near 100% with or without an official challenge, which is a point at which I’m proud to be. It’s been awhile since I did a 30-day challenge, and I’m happy to say I’m pretty much just continuing to do what I was already doing. My biggest focus now is on consciously re-defining my relationship with food by conquering the emotional connotations, including self-judgment and “diet” mentalities.

  2. Rationality about food is good and proper, CaveGirl, but what could trump that first blissful bite of something absolutely scrumptious? It’s not to be denied!
    Maybe it’s that senseless bite-after-bite-after-bite scenario that needs taming rather than the pleasure we feel in our tastebuds. Cook and serve half as much. When it’s gone it’s gone. The silent allurement of “le leftovre” is best stifled by not having any. Or by having something non-caloric but equally pleasurable that distances us from the fridge. A hot game of Scrabble? A walk? Practicing the piano? The satisfaction we gain from such pursuits precludes self-indulgence and promotes emotional balance.
    In the “olden” days there was always something that needed doing after meals. Mending sox, half-soling the children’s shoes, tending the Victory Garden. Righteous, necessary thought- and time-fillers. . . . . . Tetris, anyone?

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