Doing A Cave Girl.

I love 30-day compliance challenges. They’re refreshing, motivating, and inspiring. They get the “good word” out to others and set a nice, loud, fun public example. I’m currently participating in Crossfit Love’s 30-Day challenge, which brings together members of the Paleo/Primal community across the world – from Whole 30-ers to Queens of Fat.

I can’t say enough good things about folks like Robb WolfMark Sisson and the Whole9. They’re undeniably among the most popular and effective example-setters in the Paleo/Primal movement, and they have a unique ability to transcend the “inner circle” and reach beginners and Old Hats alike.

I’ve seen chatter on the interwebs about the New Year’s 30-day challenges. People seem confused…

“I’m doing a Whole30. Not sure if garlic-basil pesto is OK?”

“Am I allowed to drink (Almond Milk/sparkling water/radioactive sweat) on the Grok Block?”

“Are insects OK for Paleo Solution 30 days?”

“Can I have .00062 Tbs of evaporated cane juice on my 21-day Sugar Beaters Super Paleo-fied Detox Plan? lol lmao omg”

(What with all these challenges being referenced, I’d like to throw my own into the ring. It shall be called “Doing A Cave Girl.” So on your facebook status, you should say “I’m Doing A Cave Girl.” I predict it will cause quite the uproar amongst your Quilting Club buddies.)

I don’t want the amazing resources in the Paleo/Primal community to be overshadowed by people’s obsession with placing four walls and a lid around their “Diet.” Dudes, that is sooo Oprah Winfrey circa 1998. When you do a “Whole 30,” a “Paleo Solution,” or any manner of 30-day “Paleo” or “Primal” challenge, part of that Challenge is learning and living the principles so that they become intuitive. So that they become you. This way you’re not doing somebody else’s diet or following somebody else’s rules. You’re worried about health more than weight. You’re actually living.

The "Diet" that works one day...

This isn’t Weight Watchers. You don’t get a Points book.  This is about joining a movement with awesome folks who are willing to research, work hard, and share their expertise FOR FREE in hopes that one day you’ll be able to live confidently and healthfully too. If you never get to that point, you’re just banging your head against a dusty bookshelf full of old copies of The Atkins Diet.

...May not work the next.

So it’s important to resist the standard Diet pitfalls: First and foremost, depending on Rules and a Guru to tell you the minutiae of what’s OK and what’s not (as in, expecting someone else to do your thinking for you); second, making yourself a Wagon (thus creating the possibility to fall off said wagon) by obsessing over whether Almond Milk is OK in your coffee; and third, EXPECTING SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR THINKING FOR YOU (yes, I know I said it twice). These Paleo Experts aren’t asking you to buy their “brand” – they’re asking you to change your life for the better.

Doing A Cave Girl T-Shirts, anyone?



13 Responses to “Doing A Cave Girl.”

  1. Amen, Cave Girl! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and reminding us neophytes why we’re NOT on the Wagon.

  2. love it!

  3. I think this freedom is what has made Primal work for me personally. It’s not hard and fast, but then again, you’re either doing it or your not. There aren’t any Primal Police that will come kicking you door in when you blow it. I love the community’s support of each other and sharing of what works for them.

  4. Hi! I just found your blog yesterday, and i love it! I recently started exploring the paleo/primal lifestyle, while I was participating in a clean eating challenge set forth by my kettlebell instructor.
    This is a fantastic post, and great for us newbies!

  5. My husband very often is the Primal Police… he’s the first to say, “Hey that’s not Paleo, you cheat!”
    In good spirits of course, but I do cringe whenver he reminds me 🙂


  6. Am I the only guy that reads this blog? I am going to go post on FB that “I am doing a cave girl” and see if my wife notices.

    Great post, BTW.

  7. Great post!!! My family and I are Paleo and loving it! It is not a diet to us but a way of life. We do not state often what we can’t have, instead we are raving about what we can have!

    I made a banana bread type bread last night that was nuts and fruit. AMAZING!

    It is all about being creative!

  8. Great post & oh so true, drop the dogma & the drama (that’s for the DIEt folks) & start Living. Once you do a Cave Girl you will never go back! 🙂 Primal/Paleo is a lifestyle that is the key.

    I just posted this on my Fb wall with the intro, “I’m Doing A Cave Girl! It’s fun & it feels so good, you oughta try doing a cave girl too! 🙂

  9. I would so rock that T-Shirt!


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