The Lonely Tailgaters

Quick post before I begin hyperventilating about the fact that it’s SNOWING outside on my CH’s scheduled return-from-deployment date. In an effort to head off the irrational snow-air travel paranoia that begins bubbling up at the first precip sighting (inevitably leading to a pre-10 AM bottle – er, glass – of Cab), I decided to think positive. Find my Happy Thought.

My happy thought ... is having better highlights than Rufio.

Okay, seriously now. My happy thought – and DEFINITELY my husband’s happy thought – is that the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS are going to the PLAYOFFS! This is a big deal. But it’s a lonely life being a Chiefs fan in the greater Philly area. There IS a super-secret Chiefs bar whose location I cannot reveal…but it’s just not the same as a crazy Sunday at Our Lady of The Loudest Stadium in the NFL.

The real sin? Non-Polarized sunglasses.

So I decided to practice our Lonely Tailgaters breakfast. I wanted to make something that combined adherence to the CrossFit Love’s 30 Day Challenge with fan-appropriate fare. Enter the Food Lover’s Grain-Free Breakfast Burrito. I made the “tortilla” with 3 egg whites, and saved the yolks in a small dish covered with cool water in the fridge. I added spinach to the ground beef and turned out a Chiefs Masterpiece.

"That's great...but who are the Chefs?" ... "Great Googly-Moogly."

Because Bill’s Taco spice mix makes lots of extra and I save glass jars like it’s my job, I made myself a little bottle of CaveGirl seasoning. Cute, right?

Cave Girl Seasons.


8 Comments to “The Lonely Tailgaters”

  1. CG, you really know how to pull us along with you … CH possible delay, Chief frenzy, saving/recycling for reuse, and adding a little personal touch. Very cute! I’m still smiling and praying that the universe makes for pleasant and safe air travel. Peace.

  2. I too am a Chief’s fan albeit, not nearly as hardcore as you. It stems from being a military brat and not really being from anywhere, my dad is from KS so I adopted the Chiefs. That and my grandparents took me to a Royals game every year and I can still remember the awe of looking up at Arrowhead stadium as we walked in.

    As to the burrito, I wonder how the tortilla would turn out with whole eggs? Are the egg whites tougher when cooked than the whole egg?

    • DK, I’m thinking the “tortilla” would probably be more delicious but less pliable! I’m guessing it wouldn’t hold together as well. But I think I’ll try that this week – maybe add at least one yolk. Next time there will be guac involved!

      It’s hard not to be a Chiefs fan…there’s something about that little corner of heaven where the (admittedly sad) Royals played with George Brett at Kauffman; and the eras of Neil Smith and Derrick Thomas at Arrowhead. I was a fan before I met my husband but he’s certainly inspired me to a greater level of Gung Ho.

  3. Long time reader, first time poster…I love your site! You’re funny, relatable, and your recipes look yummy. I’ll be friending you as soon as I set up my Facebook account!

    • I love your site, and FitBomb, and your comment! I love that I’m not the only “Stalkerblogarazzi” in Paleo Land. Friend the grass-fed beef outta me, Nom Nom. I’m looking forward to it!

  4. You are the most entertaining person I know.

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