The Uns.

Thanks for all the support, friends! Husband made it home safely from deployment (still smiling), and although the Chiefs lost on Sunday (still proud) it was an amazing weekend. Truly UN-forgettable.

When I finally got my soldier off the plane we headed straight for the ever-so-romantic Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Course at CrossFit Morristown. Yup, my poor CaveMan had to go from 30-some hours of post-deployment travel straight to a whole weekend of learning CrossFit Methodology, including exercises – as well as doing the famous benchmark workout “Fran” – without so much as unpacking.

He did, however, find a few minutes to get rid of this:

This is known as the "Deployment Stache," and this was the moment I first saw it via Video Chat. It's more awesome than a box of rocks, moldy cheese, a stick in the eye, and...well, that's about it.


I tease. I actually kinda liked the Tom Selleck look.

For those who aren’t familiar with CrossFit, I encourage you to check it out. The Main Site Workouts (posted daily) can be intimidating, but they aren’t the only WODs (Workouts Of the Day) in use. Affiliates across the nation (Mine is CrossFit Tribe, for example) are training athletes of every age, from 8 to 85, using the functional movements that define our everyday lives, scaled to the ability and goals of whoever walks in the door.

The strength it takes to sit town to tie your shoes, then get back up into standing position (squat); the movement it takes to lift an extra-large bag of dog food from the ground to a shelf (power clean); and the simple act of running to catch your train (sprint intervals) ALL translate into the physical readiness CrossFit epitomizes. Whether those needs are your only concerns, or you want to translate that “Functional Movement” into a broader athletic capability like the folks below, CrossFit is about broad-spectrum fitness.

If you can run 6 miles but can’t squat half your body weight; if you can’t clean a heavy item (like a carry-on suitcase) from ground to overhead; if you can Zumba your peers to oblivion but can’t sprint quickly enough to keep a kid from stepping into a dangerously busy street, I would argue that you’re not fit. So get fit! Fitness isn’t about isolation weight machines or putting time in on the treadmill. It’s about working your body’s natural capabilities to keep them for the rest of your life. I want my husband and myself to be able to sit down, tie on our walking shoes, stand back up, and take our ridiculously old pooch for a walk when we’re 85. Decrepitude is NOT a necessity of old age.

CrossFit is about the Unknown and Unknowable – being prepared for any of life’s demands by establishing a broad base of fitness. Not specializing, but being capable of anything. My love of healthy food fits perfectly into this concept. People whine about how difficult it is to eat healthfully when the unexpected happens – these are called “buts:”

“But, my co-worker asked me out to lunch. I brought a healthy meal but I couldn’t turn them down.”
“But I got stuck at work late and had to pick up restaurant food on the way home.”
“But that super-hot guy asked me out to dinner. ITALIAN.”

I call BS on your butts. And your buts.

Husband’s arrival was delayed multiple hours – which was both an Unknown and Unknowable situation – and we lost valuable food-prep time. So we had nothing but a few PaleoKits and our wits with us over the weekend, and we needed these to last us through 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners. The situation was UNanticipated, UNplanned, and totally UNcool. But it happened. And we were hUNgry.

And seriously – dealing with this situation could NOT have been easier. It’s so ridiculously easy to stay healthy when eating out. See #4 from LeanMachine NYC.

Day 1 lunch – we went to a pub. That’s right, a PUB. We ordered steaks, chicken salad with balsamic vinegar, and steamed veggies. Easy. The great thing about being human is the freedom to make ANY CHOICE WE WANT.

Day 1 dinner – we went to an Italian restaurant. I often hear from people who love Italian food, and use this as their justification to NOT eat healthy. In my experience, Italian food is some of the most delicious Paleo fare there is. Italian food isn’t all about pasta and bread. It’s about olives, vegetables, seafood, delicious meats, prosciutto, capers, olive oil and garlic. My Red Snapper over Broccoli Rabe with lemon-caper sauce was delicious and fully Paleo. We also had a salad of olive, roasted red pepper, greens, tomato and mozzarella, served in a parmesan bowl. For the sake of CrossFit Love’s 30-Day Challenge, it was no sacrifice to just eat around the cheese. (Excuse the cruddy low-light Iphone photos.)


Delicious fish, healthy fats, filling, and totally Primal-Approved.

Perfect portion size, perfect components.

Day 2 breakfast – the Omelet bar at the Embassy Suites. Add a side of bacon. If we weren’t so lucky as to have a protein-filled breakfast available, we still had our Italian leftovers in the car. (It’s refrigerator-cold outside.)

Day 2 lunch – Japanese. Avocado salad, Kimchi, and beef stew. I highly suggest learning to use chopsticks so you’re not the only one eating salad with her fingers. (Or just make everybody else eat with their fingers. Sometimes being a woman means the irrational and unsympathetic exercise of your Absolute Power.)

Day 2 dinner – We’d just PASSED our certification exams (Woot!) and needed to proceed directly to the nearest Bar & Grill to watch football and my beloved Kansas Jayhawks. This bar had the obligatory fried fare, but they also had balsamic chicken as well as a salad with apple, walnut, and olive oil.

Plenty of green and PLENTY of 'tein.



Apple, walnut, olive oil, red wine vinegar.

So there you have it. We exercised and ate our way through a whole weekend of the Unknown and Unknowable without a smidge of Uncertainty. It made for a truly unforgettable weekend. A big Thanks to the amazing certification staff who made the weekend awesome. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to be in a room where 90% of the ladies can bang out unassisted pull-ups and 65lb. thrusters until the grass-fed cows come home.

Everyone at this Cert was inspiring, fun, and fitness-hungry.



11 Comments to “The Uns.”

  1. Sounds so awesome! Yay to hubby being back and yay to being certified!!

  2. I love this blog so hard. Every time I read it’s a nice reminder that the life we’re living is about choices – nothing “forces” us to eat poorly or miss CF etc etc — get done what you want to get done, even if it means leaving your seabags packed for a few extra days.

    Welcome home to your hubs! Glad you guys are back together.

  3. Congrats on having the hubby home 🙂 and getting certified!


  4. I’m so glad you posted this today! I’m sitting here at work, having eaten a BS&BB (beef stew and bacon breakfast) before coming in, and while I’m not really that hungry yet and I do have a CF workout at 5:00, I was debating going out for lunch just because it’s the one day a week I actually have an hour lunch break. it was a big BUT, lol–come to think of it, the “BUT it’s the only day of this week I can do it!” line is one of my major buts. Cue this article popping up in my news feed. Now I don’t even want to go anymore, lol. I’m going to take my break here in my chair, drink some extra water, and then go home to a big bowl of taco soup after my workout. Save time, save money, improve attitude, eat better food. I’m kind of okay with this. Thanks, Liz!

    • Beef Stew & Bacon? I think you’re on to something there! I’m glad this post was timely for you, James. And can I get that taco soup recipe???

      • Sure! It’s quite easy, though you might modify it to be more Paleo-compliant. All cans are 16 oz. unless otherwise indicated.

        1-1.5 lbs ground beef
        1 large onion
        1 -2 cloves garlic
        1 can black beans (kidney beans can also be used, or both)
        2 cans white corn
        1 envelope taco seasoning
        1 can tomato sauce
        1 32 oz. can whole tomatoes
        Salt, pepper, chili powder, etc to taste

        Brown ground beef, then place in large pot. Cut up onion and garlic, cook them in beef juices, add to beef in pot. Cut whole tomatoes into fourths (or smaller if desired) and add to beef/onion mixture. Add beans, corn, tomato sauce, taco seasoning. Cover and heat through, stirring every 1-2 minutes. Add spices to taste. Serve hot with sour cream/sliced avocado/corn chips/shredded cheese/etc. Refrigerate leftovers. Total time: 20-30 min. Enjoy

  5. Nice job staying on track with then nutrition despite the UNforseeable circumstances! Yup, it’s all about choices and controlling what we put and do not put on our plates. And HUGE congrats on that Level I cert!! Oh, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s mandatory that deployed husbands grow a mustache – when my husband was deployed his battalion had a mustache-growing contest! :o\ It must feel great having him back at home!

    • It’s so nice having him home! We’ve been hibernating, that’s for sure. As hard as it is to have him gone, I choose to look at the deployments as an opportunity to love differently, more deliberately, and appreciate the small things like quality conversations and opportunities to say I love you. Cheesy, huh? But not as cheesy as a Tom Selleck ‘stache!

      Be sure to thank your husband for his service for me, and lots of thanks to you too!

  6. Wohoo I love your blog! Just getting back into paleo and lifting after an injury.. And I’m dying to try the oil skin routine.. I kinda discovered it too when I remembered my grandmother only using Albolene on her face and she had AMAZING skin till she passed recently, bless her! So I just started using Albolene too but I like your routine better, because I’m not so sure how all natural it is, any thoughts?! As far as crossfittin my husband is dying to do it, me I’m kinda old fashion gym nut but I go heavy and hard, plus I do Bjjj and Muay thai…
    Also my husband is active duty Marine, so I hear ya!!! Happy for you that he’s home safe enjoy your time together! And I look forward to all your postings!

    • Hi Amanda! Thank you for this awesome comment! I hope your injury rehab is going well. Husband tore his pec major about 2 weeks after he returned from the last deployment, which was SUCH a bummer because I was so looking forward to CrossFitting with him! Instead he had to stay home and just work on pistols 😉 A BIG thanks to you and your husband! I know military life isn’t easy but there are definitely blessings too! And you sound like a serious badass 🙂

      I’m not sure about Albolene…I see that it contains mineral oil, which is a “controversial” ingredient, although I don’t have much of a problem with it. Basically, there is one fact about mineral oil that’s “controversial:” That is doesn’t absorb into your skin. One side of the argument thinks this means it’s bad because it doesn’t allow your skin to “breathe;” the other says it’s a good thing because it locks in moisture. I’m sure it could be useful in keeping a moisturizer like jojoba oil from budging – overnight, for example? I feel like “locking in moisture” could be a good thing, but if it’s used as a cleanser that would be step 1; and if the mineral oil creates a barrier, using a moisturizer like jojoba AFTER cleansing wouldn’t do any good. Am I making sense?

      Part of what I love about the OCM is that I can create the cleanser at home. I did just order the pre-made oil cleanser from (If you’re interested you can use the 20% discount code Paleolove for the rest of January) but that’s just a mix of oils that I COULD make myself if I wanted to, it would just cost more since I’d have to buy all the oils individually.

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