Gastro-Tourism: The Hubbernation Issue

Kind of like Sports Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue. Yes? Equally awesome?

So let’s pretend “Best. Week. Ever.” is ONE word, so I can say:

“If I had to pick ONE WORD to describe this week, it would be: BestWeekEver.”

Having the Cavehusband home has refreshed my love for cooking and for enjoying Primal eating. I encourage anyone who has gotten bored with their Primal fixin’ routine to invite a friend over and cook a nice “Paleo-style” meal for them. Not only does it inspire conversation about this lifestyle, but it renews your appreciation for the choices you’re making when you “show & tell” with someone else.

And in case you’re curious as to the technical term for what the hubby & I have termed our WSM (Winter Snuggle Madness), we coined a new term on the CGE Facebook page: “Hubbernation.” Yes?

We’ve been cooking with CrossFit Love’s 30-Day Paleo Challenge in mind. Be sure to read this interview with John Durant (of Colbert Report Vegan-Crushing fame). It’s a great overview of interpreting “Paleo” personally, with a little CrossFit Humility thrown in. Check out this “teaser” quote, and my favorite point of the interview:

“Whether you end up doing an “orthodox” paleo approach, a close variant, or something completely different, you’ll end up healthier and more knowledgeable about yourself, your body, and your capabilities.”

This is exactly what the “Primal” lifestyle means to me. Well said! John’s website is Hunter-Gatherer.

So here are a few dishes we’ve enjoyed this week; both home & away.

First, Burrito Mondays at one of our favorite places in the region, The Tortilla Press. I wrap my “burritos” like I wrap my hands in a CrossFit WOD – as in, not at all:


But unlike the CrossFit WOD, wherein you really SHOULD wrap your hands (I will never believe that torn calluses are a badge of honor), there’s not a burrito in the universe that NEEDS that chalky, tasteless, flour-filled wrapper. More proof that staying “Paleo” while at a restaurant is easy-peasy.


Spicy beef, pico, cilantro salad, chorizo, hot sauce, jalapeno.



Sweet potato, jalapeno, guac, chorizo, pico, and shredded pork.


Yes, I bring my camera with me on romantic dinners with the CaveHusband. It’s a tradition rooted in ancestral compulsions, don’t you see? It’s the modern Cave Drawing.

Next, an old favorite – roasted brussels sprouts.


I posted a recipe for roasted sprouts within my Dairy post at Steve’s Original, and I know plenty of Paleo friends like Life As A Plate and Nom Nom Paleo have awesome sprout recipes as well.

Next, something that’s sure to become a favorite: Primal Palate’s Roasted Root Vegetable Hash. I’ve been making Mark’s Daily Apple’s version for some time, but Bill & Hayley’s recipe is a classic, refined, Mother-In-Law appropriate recipe that takes Hash to the next level. I won’t give the recipe away – follow the link above for the full procedure – but I’ll show you the opening act:



And the closing ceremonies:



When I eat MDA’s hash I’m usually generally unwashed (okay, filthy) and in a pair of dirty sweats and holey socks (probably not matching). That’s not to say MDA’s isn’t delicious; it’s just a bit less refined, and there’s certainly a time & place for that.

Hayley and Bill’s recipe inspires me to shower, dry at least the front part of my hair, and put on an adorable apron. (Hayley and Bill, you inspire me to SHOWER! The CaveHusband thanks you!)

That concludes the Hubbernation issue of CGE Gastro-Tourism. I’ll close with two fellas that I could just eat up:


My two favorite guys.


3 Comments to “Gastro-Tourism: The Hubbernation Issue”

  1. Cute post! And you’ve inspired me to eat Mexican food and not slip up or cheat. Mexican cuisine is one of my faves, mainly b/c of the cheese, sour cream, and refried beans. You’ve raised the bar and I’m gonna try and meet you there 🙂


    • I must say I LOVE cheese and sour cream, and I do indulge now and then! I’m abstaining for CrossFit Love’s 30 Day Challenge (All Paleo, All the time!) but I’ll be back to my dairy indulgences here and there, since full-fat dairy doesn’t seem to bother me too much anymore, especially when everything else is dialed in!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. We are so glad we inspire you to shower 🙂 killer post, as always!

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