Chirove Salsa

I put out the call on the CGE facebook page that I needed HALP with homemade salsa. (Side note: God bless the Social Network.)

I have never been able to duplicate the flavor of my favorite store-bought salsa, Green Mountain Gringo, despite how simple the ingredient list is. I suspect it has something to do with my ineptitude with one of their ingredients – Apple Cider Vinegar. About the only thing I know how to do with ACV is pour it in Bison Chili (eek! I gave away a secret ingredient!) or dump it over my head in the shower – no finesse required.

Ha! The preceding hair care pun brought to you by My Awesome Subconscious.

I’ve been in a staring contest with a salsa recipe generously bestowed upon me by a friend of my beloved In-Laws; the ingredients (and I exaggerate): one part tomato, fifty thousand parts jalapeño. I haven’t built up the bravery yet.

I got some VERY helpful feedback on the Salsa Plea. My friend Kelly was one of those who chimed in. Kelly is awesome because she’s totally primal-ed out (start a blog, dammit!), she lives in Chicago IN THE WINTER (!) and above all, she’s my friend. Here’s a photo of us at our high school reunion:

Just joking. But I did invent post-its.

Kelly’s most important point of advice was roast the veggies first. As you’ll see in the photo, I crowded some of those veggies way too much. Also, I should have removed the skin from the roasted tomatoes before blending. My bad. Otherwise, this was delicious.

Kelly’s Chirove (Chicago + Roasted + Veggie: Chih-Roh-Vey) Salsa

Red Pepper
Lime Juice
Mango or peach, chopped
Salt & pepper to taste
Roast tomatoes, red pepper, onion, jalapeño and garlic (for more heat, add jalapeño after roasting). I also roasted sweet potato as part of the rest of the meal.


Top: Onion, pepper, garlic, jalapeño. Bottom: Sweet potato; tomato.

Peel skin from tomato and pepper if desired (if roasted properly, it should peel easily). Then pulse in blender with lime juice, cilantro and salt & pepper. Top with mango or peach.


Not too hot, not too sweet....juuuuuuust right.


The complete meal consisted of a few favorites from Primal Palate (check out this post for more on the taco seasoning and grain-free burrito and this post for my prior experience with it), sweet potato, and some basic homemade guac.

I realize this blog is a recipe-hound’s nightmare, incidentally. When I find something I like, I make it over & over again. If you want more creativity, Primal Palate, The Paleo Table, and Life As A Plate provide most of my food porn.

The final product: Grain-free spicy burrito with Kelly’s Chirove Salsa, roasted sweet potato, and guac.

The Cave Kitchen: Running Chipotle out of business since...never.





5 Responses to “Chirove Salsa”

  1. Thanks for the link, m’love!

  2. YUMMM-MMMY. Green Mountain Gringo is my favorite too! Love the sweetness to it. Never tried making salsa before but I will now. Looks delish 🙂 Thanks

  3. My husband and i are in the midst of a cross country move, and haven’t had our own kitchen for TWO MONTHS.

    So what I am saying, basically, is that this site, Purely Primal, and AndreAnna ARE KILLING ME. KILLING ME DEAD. I have so many things I want to cook! I want to cook NOW! GAH!

    Um, in other news: looks awesome 🙂 Can’t wait to try it! (Move date: Feb 5th! SO CLOSE…YET SO FAR…)

    • You poor baby! Moving SUCKS! Our oven went kaput last week and for the entire 7 DAYS it took Lowe’s to deliver our new oven I was going bonkers. I used to HATE cooking, but a few years of this lifestyle and all I want to do is cook – all day!

      Hang in there! Just one more week!


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