Soy: 10 Reasons Why NOT.

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7 Responses to “Soy: 10 Reasons Why NOT.”

  1. So THIS is a totally random comment. I just went paleo about three and a half weeks ago and started doing Crossfit 10 days ago. Every since the journey started, I have been religiously learning everything I can and have recently discovered and started reading your wonderful blog. I also frequent the forum. Well, a lot of times in the nutrition section I see this girl who posts and she always catches my eye because she’s gorgeous and I hope I look that fantastic at the end of my journey. Well I just clicked on the soy post for Steve’s Original, saw your name, and it’s totally you! I just thought I’d share that a new cave girl in Florida thinks that not only do you have great things to say and contribute to the world, but you’re beautiful (but really, who expected anything less?!?!

    • This may be the nicest thing that’s ever been said to me! I must disappoint you and say, however, that I use a body/face double for all photographic images of myself 😉 Haha…Truly though, I SO appreciate you taking the time to leave me such a nice, sweet, kind comment! It is DEEPLY appreciated. It’s so great that you’re on a Paleo/CrossFit journey! Are you CrossFitting at a box or on your own? What’s your favorite exercise so far? Let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you, I love this way of life and I LOVE CrossFit, and I definitely love making new, like-minded friends. Thanks again for making my day!

  2. I am Crossfitting at my local box, The Dammit gym which is a Crossfit Saint Pete affiliate. I’m on class three of my Foundations class so right now everything is just a big learning curve and a HUGE uphill battle. But I have an AMAZINGLY supportive trainer and I really committed to giving this everything I’ve got. I kind of went straight from couch potato to crossfit…and from eating whatever I wanted and sounded good to STRICT paleo (My thirty day strict detox face ends, coincidentally enough, on Valentine’s Day, so that will be my first “Cheat” day.) I’m beginning this journey at about 40% body fat and just want to be healthy and fit (I’m only 24) and to be able to promise MY future Cavehusband a lifetime and actually have one to promise him when I marry him later this year/ next year. First goal is to hike five hours to Lake Serene in Index, Washington when I go visit one of my best friends there this summer.

    • I’m about a month into my paleo journey. I’ve lost 7lbs without any exercise. I’ve had a really hard time finding a crossfit gym in my area and I’m not sure about going on my own. My caveboyfriend has also been doing paleo with me and has lost 14lbs which is amazing and annoying at the same time!
      Anyway, I did find a … apparently the local police have crossfit training – it’s not technically open to the public, but they said I can come along. I’m a little scared. Not because they are police, but because when I’ve exercised (running and weight training) in the past, I’ve done lots of carb loading etc. I’m a little worried about having enough energy.
      Any tips Cavegirl?

      I really love your blog. Thank you for writing!

      • Thanks Aleisha! This comment made me happy 🙂

        I know how you feel about Cave-significant-others! My husband is the same way. He tightens up his diet for ONE DAY and he looks like a different guy, not to mention he starts bouncing off the walls with energy. (I’m exaggerating, but it seems that way!)

        So you’re used to carb loading? I’m assuming you did so as a strategy for energy maintenance, and not because of some crazed emotional “reward” hunger that resulted from the intense exercise. Obviously 2 different things – physical vs. mental. Mental is harder in my opinion 🙂

        But it sounds like you’re just thinking about energy levels during the workout! I think you’ll be fine. In all my time with CrossFit, I’ve worked out fasted, except for a little coffee from time to time; I’ve also fasted post-workout for various reasons. Usually – if they’re following the general methodology – the workouts won’t be of such long duration that you can’t call on your stored energy to complete it. If they drag high-intensity movements out beyond 20 minutes I’d say 1) They’re nuts! and 2) They’re not doing it right 😉 While performance IS a function of energy, the actual benefit is a function of working as hard as you can – and that’s relative from day to day and workout to workout. Make sense?

        If you’re planning on doing a few days in a row of intense metabolic conditioning (what feels like “cardio” but shorter in duration) I’d definitely go for a serving of sweet potato immediately post-workout. My ideal post-workout fuel is different for different situations:

        For getting lean: fasting OR shredded chicken or tuna, sometimes with a bite of avocado;
        For building strength/recovering from heavy strength workouts: Kefir from raw milk (hard to find) or shredded chicken & avocado
        For recovering from a particularly gassing workout: Mashed sweet potato, mashed sweet potato, mashed sweet potato!

        Eating these things within 30 minutes of working out is critical IF you want the exercise-related benefits!

        Wow, I just talked a LOT…in short…I think you’ll be fine!

  3. Thanks! I did a LOT of emotional carb loading and then used running as an excuse to do more emotional carb loading. In fact, this whole paleo/primal thing has been about me trying to sort out my relationship with food. I’ve struggled with depression, bulimia, Weight Watchers related neuroses and Atkins type carb-phobia. What I’ve actually learned in the last month or so is that I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER if I eat good, nutritious food. I’m thinking of starting a blog based on this journey, but you’re doing such a good job all by yourself, I’m not sure I’ll bother. 😛

    I went to a wedding last weekend and ate a small slice of bread and a dessert, and then wretched all night (might have been the combination of beer and wine though).

    I went to the farmer’s market on my lunch break and bought a big bag of sweet potatoes, a bunch of seasonal veg (watercress, broccoli and spinach), and a big bag of organic, grass fed meat. I’m set for like two weeks. 😀


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