Hat, meet Ring.

I’m thrilled to be the Nutrition Advisor for Steve’s Original. Steve’s Original (the PaleoKit folks) supports Steve’s Club, which provides athletic training and mentorship to local youth. Steve’s Club shares space with CrossFit Tribe, my home gym.

Tribe has set a date for our next Nutrition Workshop. This isn’t some boring lecture on insulin or carb counting – it’s an approach to food, fitness, and life. It’s going to rock some serious pants off. Sweatpants, preferably – this is a casual event that will condense some of the most powerful tools available for nourishing yourself and living life to the fullest. A few of these tools may surprise you!

There are some amazing traveling seminar-givers in the CrossFit/RealFood/Paleo/Holistic/Primal community…and I’m not one of them (winky emoticon). While I’ve learned so much from them and their excellent workshops, I’m pretty firmly grounded at my home-base with my 95-lb four-legged kid and my extraordinarily tolerant CaveHusband. But the health and joy-level of the people I love, the amazing folks at my gym, and my friends in the blogosphere is of great importance to me. So I’ve worked hard to bring my understanding of Nutritional Therapy (I’ll be certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner come October) and the research of the Paleo, Primal, and Weston A. Price Camps as well as my own self-experimentation to the upcoming workshop.

If you’re in the immediate area (Philadelphia PA/Pennsauken NJ) and would like to attend, please email CaveGirlEats@gmail.com. It’s free, but numbers are limited, so send me a direct email and we’ll discuss. It may help you to know that I like backrubs, high fives, and good coffee.


8 Responses to “Hat, meet Ring.”

  1. [unrelated comment] Hey, my in-laws live right around there, and we’re back semi frequently! I won’t be there next weekend, but I’d love to drop by your CF box to say Hi and do a workout when we’re next there! [/unrelated comment]

  2. I wish I could go!! Will you post an overview after the fact?

  3. Wish I was in the area…I would be there. I have been reading though your blog, and you really should charge people for this stuff. It’s really good stuff! 🙂

  4. What a deal! 🙂 THANK YOU for submitting the great recipe!! And I am so honored to see that chowstalker badge on your site.


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