Cave Girl Meal Plans; Eats Shampoo

Big week ahead. You may question our commitment to one another over the next few days, but I promise I’ll be back soon. As is standard, I’ve left school-related tasks to the last minute and will be doing nothing but work and school most of this week. If it’s any consolation, I consider this blog neither “work” nor “school,” but (as I am a true Loser) I do consider it “fun.” No fun this week. (Sad emoticon.)

Some housekeeping: First, one of the search terms for CGE this weekend was “cavegirl eats shampoo.” Does that delight you as much as it delights me? Second, Charles Barkley is the worst, most inarticulate college basketball commentator on the planet. I would rather listen to Fran Drescher speak in tongues. But since it’s bad luck to mute the television during March Madness (Rock Chalk), I’m forced to suffer through it. So is my dog. But it doesn’t mean he has to like it.

Poor little (gigantic) guy.

When I’m not eating shampoo or watching Charles Barkley humiliate himself, I’m doing a little meal planning. While I’ve got pants-seat-flying-Paleo-cooking pretty well down, it never hurts to make a weekly meal plan – especially when we’re down to just a few ingredients in the fridge. (What can I make out of kraut, coconut milk and lard?)

This week I’m using the Cooking Light cookbook, a gift from my lovely friend Layna. It’s not a Paleo cookbook per se, but this “real food” cookbook offers lots of inspiration and easily-modified recipes. I just sub plenty of Ghee, coconut oil or lard for the “cooking spray” (hydrogenated oil and expectorant is a no-no) and skip anything that contains flour breading or thickeners. I flip through, and as I pick recipes, I’ll note the ingredients we’re lacking in the “shopping list” section with tally marks for quantity. Makes shopping easy.

Post Its recommended, but not required.


Meal planning feeds one of my little food quirks: I’ll repeat/reheat absolutely anything for breakfast and lunch – boring is better – but I absolutely will not tolerate a leftovers-based dinner menu. I like dinner to be a special event – a happy wrap-up to a long day wherein we enjoy our meal in front of the television by candlelight over riveting conversation.

So here’s my plan/grocery list for the week, on my highly technical meal-planning spreadsheet. I focus on meat, veggies and fats; fruit is usually a garnish or part of a marinade. Pineapple kebabs are a delicious exception this week.




16 Responses to “Cave Girl Meal Plans; Eats Shampoo”

  1. I do this, too, but it’s all in Google Docs spreadsheets so that I can plan meals whenever the fancy takes me. Sheet one is meal plan for the week, sheet two is the grocery list, sorted by store section, and sheet three is a rough draft of a plan for the following week.

    • I need to up my tech savvy! I just abandoned my datebook/planner (pen to paper style) for my iPhone calendar, and it was a transition I resisted for a very long time. I know there’s a whole world of efficiency I’m pretty much ignoring at this point.

  2. Great idea! I mean, I knew there was such a thing as meal planning, but I never had the motivation to pursue it further until now. Thank you!

  3. I love meal planning, the type A in me finds comfort in it? I finally tried cauli rice this weekend, it was easier to make than I expected (not sure why I thought it would be hard) – I made it with coconut oil, coconut milk, shredded unsweet coconut and cilantro. I was happy with it!

    • “I love meal planning, the type A in me finds comfort in it?” — ditto at Heather! Totally not a Type A except for when it comes to my cavegirling :).

      Love the post, Liz! Thanks for the Cooking Light tip 😉

  4. The concept of meal planning totally and completely paralyzes me. I look at the piece of paper. I look in the fridge. Then I curl up in the fetal position or read People magazine. Thing is I love to cook.


    Overhwhelmed when it comes to food

    • Deep breath. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and dog-gone it, you can meal plan!

      Or don’t! I don’t always meal plan…I just felt like making some new and more ingredient-y recipes this week, so it helped to itemize what I needed. When I’m staying more basic – like grilling a burger and some peppers – who needs the grief?

  5. OMG! You mentioned me in your blog!!! And I seriously spit water out of my mouth…”I would rather listen to Fran Drescher speak in tongues.” I love and my CaveGirl 🙂

  6. Wow. I Love your meal planner worksheet! I’ve been planning weekly menu for my family for a while now, but seeing how wonderfully organized your menu & grocery list is has give me inspiration to revamp the way I do it. Thanks!

  7. You know, I never do actual meal planning, but reading this is beginning to make me think that’s a mistake. Maybe I will copy your brilliant shopping list/weekly plan combination and try it out. Thanks!

  8. Great way to write down the meal planning..I usually just plan in inside of my head…maybe next time I should write it down….but sometimes I just got too lazy to do it LOL


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