BIG Fun.

So I said I wasn’t blogging this week due to a strict no-fun rule. Well, last night I watched about 30 minutes of Flight of the Navigator with Cave Husband, which qualifies as BIG FUN. Big, 1980s classic, Goonies-style fun with the added bonus of Pee Wee Herman voice-overs. (We’re working on reviewing childhood classics…favorites?)

So my no-fun rule is shot. And since I’m so fond of on-wagon, off wagon behavior (sarcasm), I guess my no-fun rule is completely out the window. Laser tag, here I come!

In all seriousness, I’m lucky enough to have a writing gig that technically qualifies as work, but is actually quite fun. I wrote for Steve’s Original today, combining my love for Celebrity Jeopardy with my new fascination with organ meats. If that doesn’t sound fantastic to you, you’re a better wo/man than I.

If you’re actually being productive today in the absence of harassing, convoluted, outdated-cultural-reference-filled blog posts from Yours Truly, I say to you – nanny-nanny boo-boo. Drop what you’re doing and read it. That pile of work will still be there tomorrow.

Click on the link or the logo to be taken to my latest for Steve’s Original: Paleo Bonus Points.


5 Comments to “BIG Fun.”

  1. Okay – never thought I’d say it, but I’m officially SOLD on liver. YUM-MO to that, Rachel Ray!

  2. Nice post. Not really a fan of liver, but I’m willing to give the add-liver-to-hamburger a shot.

  3. Good call on small doses to get people trying it!

  4. i plan to start my wee one who will be eating solids in a few months on egg yolk and raw frozen grated liver per nourishing traditions advice. i did child led solids with my first boy which made most people gasp (no purees, no cereal, etc. – just whole, organic real foods) – imagine what they’ll say when i tell them i’m now serving up raw organ meat lol!

    • This makes me happy! I almost envy the children who won’t have to endure all the fat-phobia, who will be raised on organ meats and nourishing foods! It took me twenty-*cough* years to try liver for the first time. Imagine if I’d grown up on it!

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