I Love Love.

So I’ve been married a year and 2 days now. 367.25 days ago (ish…was this a leap year?) the most wonderful man in the history of this planet waited willingly (so far as I know) at the end of the aisle and happily said “I will.”

At that moment, I couldn’t help myself. I immediately leaned in towards this wonderful, perfect man…

…and publicly corrected him on his repetition of the pastor’s words.

And so his life with me began.

Pastor Janet: “Repeat: I will; by the grace of God.”
Cave Husband: “I will.”
Me: (Prompting) “…by the grace of God.”
Pastor Janet: (chuckling) “Really? She’s correcting you already?”


Yup, I did that. Let this be my formal, public apology.

In all fairness, CH had a groomsman who put some serious moves on Pastor Janet after the ceremony – after taking a quick PBR-induced catnap under the library table. I may or may not have earned that moment. (Actually, said groomsman was an integral part of what appears in the history books under “B” as “Best Wedding Ever.” No love lost.)

Truly, I am blessed beyond comprehension. That moment was one of the most unique, sweet, hilarious moments we’ve had together – because he’s not only my best friend, but a great sport who actually finds my ridiculous behavior and semi-frequent lapses in judgment adorable. I never believed I deserved someone so wonderful; but it turns out – I do. All of us do.

I truly believe that, like the things we eat and the clothes we wear, we choose the qualities we invite into our lives. We choose the good that we allow ourselves, whether that’s in the company we keep or the nutrients we consume. If something’s not lining up the way we wish it would, it’s likely because our choices don’t reflect our desires. I speak from experience. In marrying my husband, I chose integrity, honesty, fun, laughter, motivation, and love; and I chose to deserve those blessings with every step we take together.

I get to make this man happy (and mildly exasperated) for the rest of our lives, and that exercise makes me a better person moment by moment. And while hugs and high-fives are always the best reward for that lifetime commitment, sparkly things don’t hurt. Especially SURPRISE sparkly things.


He wins.

We had an amazing anniversary dinner at the Meat Lover’s Mothership – Fogo de Chao. I wore heels for the first time in a year. We splurged on valet parking and spoke in refined British Accents, introducing ourselves as William and Kate. (Okay, that part didn’t happen). We were treated with a delicious, sugar-filled-but-grain-free Crème brûlée. (Because sometimes we eat that sh*t.)

Happy public apology/one year anniversary, Cave Husband!

If you stuck with me through this long, post-free week/end, I’ve got a reward for you coming tomorrow. I made grain-free Jambalaya, and it was excellent. My love affair with Cauliflower continues. Recipe upcoming. Hugs!


13 Responses to “I Love Love.”

  1. Wow Liz… this was truly moving. You couldn’t have summed up what love is any better. Excited to try this cauliflower/rice-like concoction you’ve been speaking of!

  2. love it & of course you. The picture is great. I love Cavehubs expression.

  3. I know that Glitters box. Congratulations! Keep that passion in everything you do. That’s why CH chose you. All the best.

  4. Happy anniversary! I agree – choosing to let myself be loved by my guy and choosing this life — best decision I ever made. I even like his* geeky military haircut.

    *(uhh..my guy’s. Though you guy’s geeky military haircut is nice too /awkward)

  5. Yay for marrying people who don’t suck!

    You’d think more people would considering how awesome it is, yes? 🙂

    As you know, I’m a little loquacious and kind of outspoken. During our vows, one of the lines went like this: “I promise to always listen when you speak” and my husband added such an intonation on “When YOU speak” that the entire crowd laughed during my vows.It was perfectly awesome.

    • I love that! And I bet, in the constant stream of forgettable weddings we all have to attend these days, that these “break character” moments are what makes them stand out to everyone. So memorable!

  6. Happy Annivarsary! I’m the loudmouth in my relationship, and I could TOTALLY see that happening at our wedding! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the Jambalaya recipe!

  7. I loved this. It was fun remembering that light moment in the BWE.

  8. Happy anniversary to the CaveCouple. May there be One Million more!

  9. Awwww… So touching! I can’t wait to have my very own CH to love and to adore (Sept 22, 2012 – yay!)

  10. Love this. I relate to you a bit, and thats why I love your blog! My husband and I have almost been married one year, he’s a Marine too, oh and we dig fogo de chao!


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