What do you really want?

Sorry if I’m about to alienate (one of) my reader(s)…but this is a fake comment, right?

“The Indian margosa is none other than the neem, which is virtually worshipped in Ayurvedic medicine. This is employed to stop itches and abscesses that may be caused during pregnancy. It takes care of stretch marks. The neem is also useful in the treatment of secondary infections.Sandalwood has a cooling effect on the skin. It protects the skin from stretching extensively throughout pregnancy.”

I mean, I’m all about yoga, (other people’s) babies, and being cool (whether via sandalwood or my own innate schweetness), but I’m not so sure this comment is – to use a term from my literature studies – fo’ realz. These spammers are getting tricky, yes? DENIED!

I promise I didn’t get you up on a Monday morning to spam you with garbage. I wrote a pretty sweet post for Steve’s Original about cravings today. My Nutritional Therapy studies are covering everything from motivation for life changes to mineral deficiencies, and part of what I’ve learned is to identify what certain cravings truly mean. It’s pretty fascinating, and there are some easy fixes in there too. Please read on if you’re interested!

…Cravings are often symptoms of a seemingly unrelated nutritional deficiency. When you’re craving something, it’s not because you can’t stick to a plan or because your willpower needs exercise. It’s not because you didn’t read that part of the e-book. It’s because your innate body intelligence is alerting you to a need. Isn’t that beautiful?”

Alternate Title: It’s not the Cookie Dough
you’re Craving!

Read the whole thing by clicking here.





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7 Comments to “What do you really want?”

  1. I ordered my first bunch of Steve’s original products and they arrive to me on Thursday. I HAD to share because I am pretty stinkin’ excited! The excitement has only quadrupled with that jambalaya recipe. Yes, this is a GOOD food week!

    • Oh, YES! Let me know what you think…did you order the coconut? The Stix? The Krunch? So much yum…

      • I ordered this:

        PaleoKrunch Cereal: Original: (I got 2 of these)
        PaleoKrunch Bar: Original Recipe (5 Pack)
        Steve’s Club Sampler
        Coconut Paleokit: Coconut Large (5 Pack)

        Yeah…I went a LITTLE crazy…but I couldn’t help myself!

        P.S. Jambalaya in in queue for dinner next week…where did you get the bones and stuff for the broth? I know our grocery store sells bone marrow (obviously still in the bone), but did you just save the rest from dinners, etc.? And if so did you just store it in the fridge until you had enough for broth?

      • That Krunch will last you EXACTLY five minutes.

        For the broth…I was lucky. We are part of a “cowshare” and I basically took home about 25 lbs of various grass-fed cow bones. I’ve also purchased them at farm stores located through http://www.eatwild.com. Definitely OK to FREEZE bones/carcass and veggies until you’re ready to make broth! No more than a week in the fridge, though, I’d say. I bet if your store sells marrow bones they’d have some knuckle bones in the back…maybe even a hoof…Let me know how the Jambalaya goes! Especially if you tweak any of the spices!

      • So I got my Steve’s Original stuff and it’s amazing. But you’re right about that Krunch and the cereal…exactly five minutes. TOO good. But it’s such an awesome recovery food I can take with me and scarf down right after Crossfit.

        I’m picking up my pig’s feet to make gelatin broth on Friday AND I made the jambalaya tonight. Can you say “yumbalaya!”?

        Yeah…I’m sorry, that was bad, but SO necessary because it was delicious! Thanks for the great stuff you beautiful, clear skinned cavegirl you!

  2. Brilliant post! I often beat myself up for my cravings, but this makes so much sense. I was really craving a big ice cold fizzy drink last night – something I have never really drunk, even before going paleo. Couldnt understand it! Definitely going to give those substitutions a go and see if it helps. You’re right. It’s very beautiful. Thanks 🙂

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