Look closely at the photo below. Notice anything?


(Jeopardy music)


That’s an extra egg yolk there, lightly poached. Does anybody else do this?

I got sick of fighting through the whites to get to the delicious, ridiculously nutritious, wonderful yolk. So I though I’d just pull one away from the white, poach it for a minute, and see what happened. And it was kinda weird. I’ve come to think of yolk as kind of a condiment, but it still felt weird.

I like it though. I’m making a statement against the yolk-ditchers. Throwing out an egg yolk is absolutely sinful. It’s like being given a million dollars in a baggie, then throwing the million dollars into the garbage disposal and thinking the baggie is going to solve all your problems. Gah! Stop it!

Speaking of baggies, my friend Alyson just introduced me to Lunchskins. They’re adorable, washable, BPA and Phthalate-free baggies. I’m kinda waiting for the right time to tell Cave Husband that I spent $150 on them. Hopefully JUST NOW was the right time. (Sorry, honey pie! I love you and promise these baggies will make your life better!)

I remember, as a kid, wondering why my mom didn’t just throw away all our plastic baggies instead of washing them and turning them inside out to dry, then re-use. I get it now. One, she is wicked awesome. Two, our trash goes somewhere. It goes to a big, disgusting, crud-filled dump and festers before getting covered in more festering trash. This is a prime example of how “out of sight, out of mind” soothes us – nay, tricks us – into complacency about our impact on this world.

Let’s all start compost piles and start using applicator-free feminine hygiene products, ok? Let’s quit pretending our ‘hood is “clean” when all the junk just went to another place. Let’s deal with the junk. That way, maybe I can have kids without thinking the world is going to drown in garbage. As much as kids make me feel awkward, my husband is awfully handsome and chivalrous. It’d be sad not to perpetuate his genes.


CH & Me on our wedding day. We HAVE to pro-create, right?

Next up: I tweeted recently about exchanging the morning coffee for a cup o’ homemade broth. Anybody take me up on that? I’ve seen droves of Paleo/Primal folks trying to kick the coffee habit lately. Although I don’t think that’s always necessary, if you are thinking of ditching the cup o’ Joe, why not replace it with something so totally nourishing and healthful? What an amazing way to start the day!

I wrote about broth previously and have been enjoying a cup most mornings. I used a turkey baster to fill ice trays with the collagen and gelatin-rich pig’s foot broth, and then did the same with beef bone broth. Once frozen, I emptied the trays into a baggie and have been taking a few out each morning, placing them in a mug, then covering them with boiling water. The cubes cool the water to the right temp as they melt.


I don't need no dermatologist to sell me collagen. I've got it in my foot broth!


I feel like I may be going a little off the beaten path lately with my organ meats, my bone (foot) broth and my Hippie Stink. I promise I’m not going to retreat to some cabin in the woods, mumbling about how the government is controlling us by putting mind-control into the water supply. There’s just so much to this life – so many things we do in our daily lives that can be “edited” to be slightly better and more healthful. If I’m kooking out a little too much, feel free to bring me back to center. What would you like to read about here?


16 Comments to “Clusterpost”

  1. I love this post! I don’t think you’re “kkoking out” at all, lol. I would totally join you on your mountain top tweeking away at the little things that can be done slightly better to live a healthier, happier lifestyle!

    Woot, Go YOU!

  2. I think it’s really cool that you do all of this. I’m just way too lazy for all that. Of course, I say that because when you first start out on this paleo/primal/ancestral health-ish road you’re so focused on just getting the basic food intake right that you can’t really worry about the rest. Small steps and all that. But I will say that I’ve started soaking and dehydrating all of my nuts and I never thought I’d go to that kind of trouble. But I like reading about all the new wacky things you’re doing because it gives me pause and another item to add to the “Hey, you might think about incorporating this into your life sometime” list. 🙂

  3. As to the applicator free tampons… ditch the tampons all together and get one of these.

    • Thanks Beth! I love the idea, but unfortunately (and here’s me giving WAY TMI) you can’t use one with an IUD! I will definitely recommend them to others, though!

      • I just wanted to say that Diva Cups aren’t the only crunchy things to use.

        You can always use cloth “mama pads” – I’ve ordered from there in the past. I haven’t used them much other than postpartum. Great thing about ecologically breastfeeding a little baby cavegirl (like the real hunter-gatherers did !Kung tribes, anyone?) is that you don’t get your period. Woot!

      • Love it! And thanks for the link!

  4. I like the wacky stuff. I tried the broth idea and I like it. There are a lot of Paleo blogs and kooky stuff keeps them interesting.

  5. I feel the same exact way – it started with eating clean and then sort of snowballed from there. I mean, if I’m so concerned with what I’m putting in my body and my family’s bodies, then the more you think about things, the less okay you are with stopping there.

    I don’t know if you do this already but I recently started making my own homemade laundry detergent. It started first to try and solve my daughter’s skin issues and then after realizing how easy and GREEN it was, I was like appalled at myself for spending hundreds of dollars to basically pollute our drinking water and land. Not to mention the plastic bottles those things come in and the fact that our skin is AN ORGAN and whatever we put in our clothes that we wear ALL DAY touches our skin.

    See? A snowball.

    I still shave though. I will never, ever be okay with copious body hair.

  6. Lunchskins looks pretty awesome! I reuse Ziploc bags, too. Growing up, mi madre always washed them and hung them to dry over the sink handle. My gramma used to wash and save tin foil, too. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, but I do both! It saves us a TON of money!

  7. Sorry but I gotta get on my soapbox here –
    Nobody *has* to procreate. Just sayin’!
    If you’re happier without kids it’s just FINE to NOT have them.
    The world will not end.
    People who do have kids often don’t have someone to “take care of them” when they get old (I used to work in a nusing home – I know) and a lot of the other old wives tales/harangues you’re going to hear are also false.
    Thanks the the Lunchskins link – I’m still rocking the ziploc containers – the hard plaastic kind… :/

    • It’s true, Danica! We’re leaning towards “We have no freakin’ clue!” Wouldn’t close any doors, but refuse to feel like a “lesser couple” if we don’t choose to have kids. Beyond that, I’d probably enjoy a baby, but I don’t think anybody dreams of having a teenager 😉 I wouldn’t have wanted me as a teen!

  8. I love egg yolks. People who eat egg white omelettes should seek counseling. I can’t deal with washing baggies. I try to just eat everything in sight so there is nothing left to store. Or I sneak scraps to my doggy.

  9. Hey you. LIVER!

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