Pertinent Data & Recent Writings

For my new-ish blog buddies, a few things to know about me:

First, I love old shows and movies like The Andy Griffith Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, M*A*S*H (the movie, not the show), and movies featuring the oh-so-cheeky Beatles. I also love weird movies like G.I. Jane and Flight of the Navigator; thoughtful movies like Spanglish; awesome shows like Arrested Development; and British shows like Fawlty Towers and Absolutely Fabulous.

Second, I feel like you must think I watch TV all the time. I don’t. I just have a fabulous memory for useless topics, and for some reason – while I can’t remember a single fact from High School Physics (yay for the Urban Dictionary’s take on my sweet HS) – I can remember every single line from The Jerk, inflections and all. (“If THIS is out there, think how much MOORE is out there!”) (“I don’t wanna puuuuke!”)

Third, I also write for Steve’s Original. Steve’s Original is home to a few products you may be familiar with – Paleo Kits and Paleo Krunch to name a few. Proceeds from the sales of these yummy, Paleo-friendly foods support Steve’s Club, a charitable organization that provides athletic training and mentorship to kids from the region, primarily those from Camden, an economically challenged area. It’s an amazing program and a terrific cause with which I’m proud to be affiliated.

I try to update my blog when I write for SO, but I’ve been bad about that lately. Over at SO I try to keep it like a more professional mullet: A little more business than party. Here are a few of my latest, if you care to read:

Pickle Power? Β Or, “Fermented beverages: A New Post-Workout Strategy?”

– And –

Make Me Magda! Or, “The D Files.


7 Comments to “Pertinent Data & Recent Writings”

  1. I loved your write-up on Vitamin D. Actually, I love all your write-ups…if only I had you at our homeschool group’s park playdate yesterday…most of the other moms think I’m nuts, especially when we start talking healthy sun exposure, eating saturated fat and cholesterol, and shunning grains. One mom even said, “Well, if you’re going to use the grain argument, you have to apply that to eating meat as well.” WTF does that mean? I come home b*tching to my hubby after this one woman consistently questions my diet – SHE is the one who always starts the conversation to seemingly argue with me. I am so baffled by most of her comments that I don’t even know how to respond and sadly I stay awake at night thinking of what I should have said.

    Anywho, any suggestions for handling the masses? I’m struggling with this lately…

    • Thank you Laura! What nice things you say! My goodness, I can’t imagine that ANYBODY familiar with your bad-ass-ness would question any of your decisions! I bet they’re more curious than you think…watching you and emulating you behind closed doors, away from the judgment of their SAD peers πŸ™‚ Seriously, what do meat and wheat have to do with each other?

      First, keep living your life and being a badass. Blog it. Facebook it…”Share” stuff so it will passively end up in people’s news feeds! Living example. You’ll win converts easy! I’m willing to bet that just being you will start folks questioning their own methods…But in the end, no point in convincing anyone. Your quiet confidence is the best tool you’ve got in those situations!

      Until then, here are a few key non-confrontational responses that will inspire good discussion and give you an opportunity to guide the conversation in a productive way!

      If you only say one thing, I’d say “The less processed, the better!” Even looking at the ingredients on a loaf of bread should send people into a tizzy! Nothing from a package!

      -“It’s just so fascinating to me how deeply the Seven Countries study was manipulated. I mean, it’s like scientists can get away with anything!” (Segway into Good Calories, Bad Calories and the “bad science” that led to fat phobia)
      -“Might sound crazy, but – The Nurse’s Health Study has shown that the individuals consuming the most saturated fat experience the greatest measures of health and less heart disease!” (Longest study on record investigating the long-term effects of diet; mentioned by Taubes and can help bring in the medical contingency! Then you can throw in how studies demonizing saturated fat as connected to heart disease actually just lumped sat fat and trans fats TOGETHER…so sat fat never had a fair shot!)
      -“I just saw no compelling reason to eliminate meat after I realized that The China Study never took food synergy into account. Especially considering the CLA and omega 3s I need…” (Segway into why the China Study is flawed and how, while casein caused cancer, whey is anti-carcinogenic, proving you can’t isolate nutrients. Or just throw out the omega/CLA bit.)

      I feel these phrases work because they don’t assume ignorance in the other person (assuming they know about the referenced studies already; if not, they’ll ask you and it’s a good discussion opportunity). I also love referencing the perfect dental structure (“perfect teeth without braces”) that “Weston A. Price” diets create. How many of their kids have – or will have – braces?

  2. Thanks for that write up on D. I’ve been getting harassed about D supplements for a little over a year now when I’ve gone in for my routine teeth cleanings by my dentist. Turns out that there’s been maybe ONE study done on the Vitamin D levels of people here in Seattle and that might be a factor in why tehre seems to be a lot more cases of MS here than most places (so sayeth the study). I think that – ONE or a small handful of studies isn’t enough to draw that stong of a conclusion and that the media seems to play up one vitamin or the other as a “miracle” preventive for all kinda of stuff – meanwhile they promote garbage food 24/7. Pardon me if I’m not chomping at the bit to buy into their “reporting” hook line & sinker!
    When the hygenist is getting on me about Vitamin D I just nod and go “YA-huh” “Yup” “Oh really” etc.
    I think that what I get from my multi and a good paleo based diet of REAL FOOD will be good enough.
    My people evolved to live in peat bogs for cripe’s sake. Paler than fishbelly, etc.
    Along those lines, fake baking still seems to be inexplicably popular up here in the PNW. I don’t think that the trade off between skin cancer (I’ve had a few moles removed so I’m not chancing that).

    • I’m going to be so interested in what my dentist says at my next appointment, now that I’ve ramped up the K2 content of my diet and started doing a little “Oil pulling” (just out of curiosity for the method, may be hoo-hah. We’ll see!) I’ve always had somewhat sensitive gums and had lots of dental work as a kid, as well as some tooth extractions AND a root canal when I was young! Can you believe that? I guess dentists have as much stock in the modern diet as doctors – it’s my old SAD that lined their pockets for years πŸ™‚

      I’m just not sold on Vitamin D as some panacea supplement – it’s just another one of those frenzies that will die down once people realize the synergy of real food, minor sun exposure (NOT fake baking!) and rest!

  3. Just FYI. I couldn’t get to the above posts (Pickle, Magda). NOt sure if it’s a problem from my end or yours. Wanted to read those two, because somehow I have missed them.

  4. So this is completely unrelated to this post, but I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you! I’ve been lurking on your site since my nutritionist had me test out Paleo 7 weeks ago. You are such an inspiration!!! It’s so hard to not get sucked in to everyone around me (friends, family, coworkers) eating the SAD. In order to resist the pizza and the cake I’ve been looking to you for motivation. By reading your blog, doing CrossFit, and working with my kick-ass nutritionist, I’m down 2 sizes and 12 pounds in 7 weeks. Which is particularly awesome since I’m getting married in 11 days. πŸ™‚ Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, and will continue to look to you for motivation! xoxo, Sarah

    • Wow. WOW! This is so cool to hear…thank you so much! And what an awesome nutritionist you have! Feel free to pimp her out on the Cave Girl Eats facebook page! I have to apologize for not responding right away – things have been NUTS around here – but please know this comment was not lost on me! You absolutely made my day. I’m so happy you’re having success and that I play a small part in keeping you motivated. And CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding! It will be the best day EVER! Will you have to do some last minute alterations due to your continuing awesomeness?

      Keep in touch if you can! Lots of good vibes for your wedding day!

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